How Beoka Chineses E-commerce Platform to rise to a challenge “Double Eleven” (Shopping Festival in China)?

The “Double Eleven” festival is known as China’s biggest annual shopping event. On November 11, customers head online to take advantage of large-scale discounts on a range of products. CGTN’s Zheng Songwu reports on Beoka Medical Company in southwest China’s Sichuan Province is doing to increase sales.

Beoka is one of the most important high-tech enterprises in Sichuan province.( Headquartered in Sichuan, China) Beoka , a manufacturer with over 20 years of experience in the medical and wellness area, especially in massage gun.

Partner with HUAWEI in technique areas and we won the prize of top 7 as their HormonyOS system suppliers in 2021. At the meantime we supply ODM products for many noble brands online like Amazon and offline like Warmart.  Main Products: Massage gun, neck/foot/knee massager, recovery boots,etc.

Today, let’s go into the E-commerce department of Beoka Chinese market to find out what’s going on.

E-commerce plays an important role during the shopping festival, and live-streaming in particular. Many of the workers and conducting live-streams or designing posters to promote company’s products and with the shopping festival approaching, they are getting busier, and some of them are even being prepared busy shopping festival since early October.

Livestreaming during the shopping festival has to be done differently, hostesses must be more energetic and pay more attention to discount events. There is a surge in the number of people watching our livestreams online, so we were introducing our promotional activities more during the shopping festival and we speak faster than usual ,so they understand more details. On October 31th, when the clock strike 8 pm, I will so excited to watch all the customers pay the balance, the sales were so good that our hard work paid of.

Official data shows that by Nov 3rd, online sales revenue during the special shopping period had already reached forty-one billion US dollors, by comparison, a similar shopping festival in June this year generated the revenue of one hundred and ten billion US dollars. For people, this festival will represent online carnivas, but they are seeing as vital to help boost China’s economy.

Beoka Team

11/14 /2023


Post time: Nov-15-2023