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MINI Joint Massager(MGJ-A1),Stylishly Designed Full Wrap with Airbags

Brief introduction

1. Major symptoms:
a. Knee degenerative joint
b. Knee joint effusion
c. Synovitis of the knee joint
d. Meniscal injury
e. Arthritis, knee ligament strain

2. Applicable groups:
a. Elderly people with knee pain / rheumatism
b. Outdoor high-intensity sports people
c. Excessive climbing / playing ball
e. small skeleton body fat rate is too high and overweight people
f. Long-term ultra-short skirt
g. long blowing air conditioning, joint cold
d. X-legged O-legged

Product Features

  • Body Material

    PP, ABS, Silicone

  • Battery Type

    18650 Power Type 3C

  • Rated Power


  • Rated Voltage


  • Net Weight


  • Advantages
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1.Warm Heating Massger
Hot compress joint, repel the cold and warm the knees.Closely fit and wrap the knees, less heatis dissipated, and warmth is injected into the deep joints.Warm and cool knees.
2.Pneumatic Massage
3D Wrap-Around Massage Relieve Knee Stress
Wrap around to cover more acupuncture points.Release pressure and stimulate knee vitality.

3.High Frequency Micor Vibration Hit The Sore Knee
High-frequency micro-vibration massage, the force is comfortable and appropriate, knees and legs.”Crispy and numb”, gradually relax stiff muscles.


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Benefit 1

    • Relieve Joint Pain and Help for Injury Recovery

BEOKA knee massager has 2+2 airbags inflated and deflated , simulate hand kneading,helps to relax knee and the surrounding calf and thigh area muscles, reduce joint pain and muscle stiffness,the heating will further relieve muscle soreness and help with better circulation, reduce joint swelling, speed up injury recovery.

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Benefit 2

    • 3 Massage Models & 3 Air Pressure Intensities & 3 Heating Levels with vibration function

This knee massager is with powerful air compression massage and comfortable soothing heating, 3 air pressure intensities and 3 heating levels can be combined as various settings during use, provide you personalized massage experience, effectively helps to relieve varying degrees of pain. The vibration function you can on/off as your choose, make more human massager experience.
Adjustable Wrap Fit Most People- Ergonomic designed with separated long straps for upper calf and lower thigh, make it easier to ware, and the velcro design allows to adjust the wrap size and keep it in place, fits perfectly for small knees or big knees, most people can use the knee massager, money saved!

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Benefit 3

    • Simple Display, Easy Operation and Safety Usage

Beoka knee massager has built-in control panel,.1 button to on/off, and 5 toching screen buttons to opration. Include the Memory button,you can save your favorite massage combination to use in everytime. And it is programmed with a 20 mins auto shut off function,no need to worried about forgeting to turn it off, avoide overheated or overmassaged, safe to use.


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