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Massager Machine For Full Body

Massager Machine For Full Body

Muscle massager is used for muscle relaxation.

It can relax and relieve muscle soreness, muscle tension

imbalance, chronic strain pain and joint mobility by

high-frequency vibration.

Massager Machine For Full Body

The vibration of Beoka muscle massager is vertical. The amplitude can reach 7mm-10mm, and the frequency can reach 3300 rpm. It can directly reach the deep tissues of the human body and go deep into the fascia layer. This is completely unattainable by traditional massagers which got horizontal vibration.

Beoka muscle massager adopts 3C power battery and unique battery protection chip, which provides monitoring and protection of overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, and over temperature to ensure the safety of battery use. The exclusive custom-made sensored brushless motor with dual-axis Transmission deconstruction, large locked-rotor torque makes it strong and powerful. The mechanical transmission noise reduction technology achieves a quiet performance of ≤45DB. The muscle massager got metal bearings, wear-resistant and durability, high-speed and low-noise technology.

Sichuan Qianli-beoka Medical Technology Inc. is a professional medical equipment & individual wellness & fitness tool manufacturer specialized in R&D, producing, marketing and serving.

In the past 20 years, we focused on the rehabilitation physiotherapy. Beoka is a national high-tech enterprise with more than 200 domestic and foreign patents.

Why Choose Beoka For Professional Muscle Massager?

We Beoka hold the second most patents.

All over the world.

Theragun hold the most.

Why Choose Beoka For Professional  Muscle Massager?

The 3C power type battery makes long battery life. Sensored brushless motor makes our massage gun got strong stall force, high speed, ignorable noise, etc.

Why Choose Beoka For Professional  Muscle Massager?

Beoka specialized in this area for over 20 years. We are one of the draft company of the standard of massage gun.

Why Choose Beoka For Professional  Muscle Massager?

Beoka products are exported to 26 countries including the United States, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Britain, Germany, Australia, Canada, etc., and are well received by users.

Why Choose Beoka For Professional  Muscle Massager?

What Is Percussion Massage?

Percussion massage gun is a soft tissue rehabilitation tool that relaxes the soft tissues through high-frequency impact. Percussion massage gun can be considered as a DMS (Deep Muscle Stimulator) for individual. The vibration frequency varies when using, and its basic function is similar to DMS.

Percussion massage gun is an effective method to treat soft tissue pain, stimulate its proprioceptive function, and then play a role in effectively alleviating muscle tension, achieving the purpose of pain relief. As for muscle massage, the Short-term benefits are relieve muscle soreness and deep relaxation of muscles, and the long-term benefits are that massage can stimulate cell metabolism, make fibroblasts generate new hyaluronic acid, and restore the sliding ability of fascia.

What Is Percussion Massage?

FAQs Of Muscle Massager

What Is A Good Muscle Massager?

Does Muscle Massager Really Work?

Do Massage Guns Help Sore Muscles?

Power: A good muscle massager needs to be powerful. Thanks to our batteries and motors, the Beoka massage gun got stall force 20-30% stronger than other brands. And our professional massage gun got stall force up to 63lbs.

Battery: Battery is from the first-tier brand in China, which is also a designated supplier of Tesla & Benz. The battery got long service life and battery life and is safer to use.

Low noise: With the rendered brushless motor we are using in our massage guns. Beoka massage gun got ignorable noise ≤50dB, can use even in the office."

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