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Neck Massage Gun

Neck Massage Gun

Working at the desk for long days and long time phone use will cause the cervical spine to be passively pulled up for a long time, causing excessive tension in the neck muscles and poor blood circulation. Beoka massage gun can relieve muscle soreness and helping you feel more relaxed.

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How To Use Massage Gun On Neck


When hitting the shoulder and neck, it hits horizontally along the muscles, and the hitting time is 10 to 15 seconds.


It can be accompanied by the rotation of the head to help restore the function of the shoulder and neck muscles.


It should be noted that do not hit the carotid artery of the neck when hitting.


The trigger point of the shoulder and neck is located at the midpoint of the scapula and stays for 10 to 15 seconds.

Recommended Massage Gun Attachment Head For Your Neck

  • For big muscles: big round massage head

  • For bigger muscles: round massage head

  • For regular body parts: flat massage head

  • For tight spots: bullet massage head

  • For muscle around shoulder and spinal area: U-shaped massage head

  • For weak body parts: shock-absorption massage head

Neck Massage Gun Attachment
Impact Level: 8/10
U-shaped Attachment
Neck Massage Gun Attachment
Impact Level: 10/10
Bullet Attachment

Tips For Using A Massage Gun On Your Neck

Tips For Neck Massage Gun
Tips 1

It is not suitable to use elbows, knees and other bones protruding parts.

Tips For Neck Massage Gun
Tips 2

It is not suitable to be used in places with dense blood vessels and nerves such as the cervical spine.

Tips For Neck Massage Gun
Tips 3

The elderly, children, pregnant women and other specific groups should avoid using it.

Tips For Neck Massage Gun
Tips 4

The time should not be too long, 3 to 5 minutes for one part.

Video Of Massage Gun For Neck Pain

Video Of Massage Gun For Neck Pain


Office white-collar long-term desk work, sales staff long-term standing. Over time, fascial adhesions are formed, resulting in muscle stiffness and pain, and symptoms such as lumbar muscle strain.


At this time, it can be seen that it is particularly important to relax the muscles! 

Now you know how to use a massage gun for neck pain, you're ready to go!


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