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Q1 Mini Pocket-Sized Deep Tissue, Portable Percussion Muscle Massager Gun

Brief introduction

Multiple uses:
a) Gifts (for festive, friend, colleagues)
b) Electronic household products
c) Portable products for travel
d) Office worker(it can be kept in the office drawer, relief of prolonged sedentary pain)
Place:  Retail shops, Supermarkets, Home electronics shop,Gift trend shop,Clinics and healthcare.

Product Features

  • Motor

    High torque Brushless motor

  • Performance

    (a) Amplitude:7mm
    (b) Stall force:135N
    (c) Noise: ≤ 45db

  • Charging Port


  • Battery Type

    18650 Power 3C rechargeable lithium-ion battery

  • Workong Time

    ≧3 hours(The different gears determine the working time)

  • Net Weight


  • Product Size


  • Certificates


  • Advantages
  • ODM/OEM Service
  • FAQ
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1. Best sale Beoka super mini massage gun in oversea market.More Smaller and smarter,7mm transparent amplitude, deep relaxation.Super Mini massage gun is quite small,its size is just longer than a lipstick,and the easiest to take. Reduce lactic acid after exercise. Most popular massage gun as a gift,especially ladies like it very much. Prevent scratches. Silicon body with soft handhold

2.Why choose a Beoka massage gun:
Beoka is currently the only company in China that has achieved success in both the professional medical and consumer health fields of rehabilitation and physiotherapy. In the future, the company will continue to uphold the mission of “Technology For Recovery – Care For Life” and strive to build a leading international brand of physiotherapy rehabilitation and sports rehabilitation covering individuals, families and medical institutions.

3.Advantages of us:
1. With the help of our Top R & D team, Beoka is professional enough to develop new products & provide OEM/ODM services.
2. Over 20 years of medical background makes us know more about wellbeing and use it in the development of individual products.



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Benefit 1

Super mini but powerful

    • Best sale Beoka super mini massage gun in oversea market.
    • Massagist on your palm, small and portable.
    • Stable brushless motor.

Smaller and smarter, 7mm transparent amplitude, deep relaxation. Super Mini massage gun is quite small, its size is just longer than a lipstick, and the easiest to take. Reduce lactic acid after exercise. Most popular massage gun as a gift, especially ladies like it very much. Prevent scratches. Silicon body with soft handhold.

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Benefit 2

3C power battery, high quality and long life

    • Tesla designated supplier, long lifespan for 6~8 years.
    • 180min battery life, fast type-c charging, ensuring chargingquality consistently.
    • Isolated battery design 10 precautions.

3-hours charing for long time use - Forget the hassle of frequent charging. Powered by 3 * 650mAh batteries, it can support more than 15 days (30 minutes per day) of use after a 3-hour charge via USB-C. Usage time varies depending on the speed selected. The 15-minute auto shut-off feature for safety reasons gives you peace of mind. This rechargeable massage gun is equipped with a high-end brushless motor to control noise(<50 dB), so you can enjoy using it anywhere, even at the gym or at home.




Benefit 3

5 Different massage heads target every muscle group

    • High quality EVA+ABS material, matte texture, add friction.
    • Can be customized according to customer’s demand.
    • Accurately strike muscles in different parts of the body with different shapes.

Interchangeable heads in 5 shapes target specific muscle groups for faster recovery. Travel size massage gun with high intensity can be widely used on the shoulder and neck, hand, legs, soles, and other parts. The human ecological grip design is effortless to use. ABS+EVA skin-friendly massage head is more dirt-resistant than ordinary foam materials. Sturdy for power percussion, easy to clean.


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