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CUTEX1 Pocket-Sized Deep Tissue Massager Gun

Brief introduction

Beoka Super Mini muscle massager is the smallest massage gun all over the China market.Although it is small,its power is more than 8kg,and it can do the deep muscle treatment for normal people.
1.Super Mini massage gun is quite small,its size is just longer than a Lipstick,and the easiest to take.
2.Strong when working,it is very strong for Full body muscle massage,and enough for Personal therapy
3. Five levels of intensity adjustment to take care of you more meticulously
4.7mm strike amplitude massage just perfect.
5.Colorful body, showing fashion attitude.

Product Features

  • Motor

    High torque Brushless motor

  • Performance

    (a) Amplitude: 7mm
    (b) Stall force:8.1kg
    (c) Noise: ≤45db

  • Charging Port


  • Battery Type

    18650 Power 3C rechargeable lithium-ion battery

  • Workong Time

    ≧3 hours(The different gears determine the working time)

  • Net Weight


  • Product Size


  • Certificates


  • Advantages
  • ODM/OEM Service
  • FAQ
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Massage gun model X1 is a small and pocketable mini massager
1.The best choice for women’s gifts,sports rehabilitation. Can reduce soreness from exercising,fascial gun for relaxing muscle .Promote local blood circulation,relax connective tissue


2. Cute X1 is the mini of CuteX. From the colour design, the size of the massage gun, the range and the shape of the design to give the customer more choice. Whether you are an individual buyer in the field of massage, physiotherapy, sports or a distributor, retailer or wholesaler. We listen to your ideas and develop new products with a practical approach. This enables the client to move from idea to reality to meet your actual needs.


3. Beoka massage gun: We are Manufacture & noble brand in China who supply massage guns in dedicated stores of high end malls. The motor is from the supplier of a first-tier noble brand. Now the motor we use for our massage guns is better after optimization.. Batteries are from designated supplier of Tesla & Benz. Service life: 8-10 years.


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Benefit 1

Mini but strong

    • Beat Soreness, Back Pain and Stress
    • Never Miss a Spot
    • Personalize Your Massage Experience

Beoka muscle massage gun penetrates deeply to help you deal with everyday stress and exhausting workouts to reach those stubborn knots, sore muscles and trigger points. Whether it's the neck, back, waist, or legs, our fascia gun can take care of every inch of your body's muscles in all directions. The portable size deep tissue massage gun's ergonomic, the metal materials, smooth-touch handle can be used in either hand, providing a stable and comfortable grip when massaging hard-to-reach areas.

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Benefit 2

Relaxing massage anywhere

    • With 12cm Length & 230g N.W, compact & Light weight.
    • low noise, will not disturb anyone.
    • great portable gifts for women.

Take our portable massage gun with you (to the gym, office or travel) without worrying about power outlets or power cords. The massage gun can keep working for 3-4 hours, while the soft, silent motor allows you to truly relax. Enjoy the benefits of a professional massage in the comfort of your home. From advanced ergonomics to long-lasting battery life, our percussion massage guns are truly designed with your comfort and convenience in mind.

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Benefit 3

Not only exquisite craftsmanship, but also reliable quality

    • Elegant Cooling holes on Top
    • One-button one handed control.
    • Type-C charging port.

Cute X1 is the mini of Cute X. From the colour design, the size of the massage gun, the range and the shape of the design to give the customer more choice. Powerful brushless motor, which is 30%-50% higher torque than other brand, metal internal parts which makes more smoother operation, 3C Power Battery which is tesla designated supplier, long life, creating premium performance, metal shell, comfortable touch feel. All represent the high quality of the product.


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