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Back Massage Gun

Back Massage Gun

Experiencing a tight or achy lower back is common, whether it's due to your workouts or sitting most of the day. Luckily, the back gun massager can help work out the muscles to keep you feeling your best.

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How To Use Massage Gun On Upper Back?


When massaging the low back, you can choose the standard spherical head applied to the massage gun for upper back pain to beat the erector spinae horizontal along with the muscle by yourself. The level can be between 2-5 according to the user.


You can help others to beat the erector spinae with U-shaped head, be careful not to beat on spine.


The trigger point of waist is located between superior iliac spine and the lumbar four vertebrae,take a beat for 10-15s.

Are Massage Guns Good For Lower Back Pain?


The easiest and fastest way to relieve lower back pain is to have a deep-tissue gun massager. This helps improve blood circulation to muscle tissue.


Good blood circulation reduces inflammation and improves the range of motion. When the tissue in the lower back is stretched or torn, the area can become inflamed. This inflamed area will spasm, cramp, and be tight with the contract. This will cause severe pain.


A back gun massager can be used to reduce blockages caused by inflamed tissues. This reduces pain and helps speed up tissue recovery.

Recommended Attachment Head Of Gun Massager For Back Pain

Beoka got over 20 years of experience in the Medical area, and we produced a lot of medical products for health and well-being. DMS (deep muscle stimulator) is a professional, medical-grade muscle gun machine, and has been used as a medical device in noble hospitals in China. With the experience of this spine massage gun and working with the noble hospitals, we launched massage guns for individuals and spread them all over the world.

  • Recommended spine massage gun heads for use

  • Standard Spherical head---For the warm-up, pain reduction, and deep massage

  • U-shaped head----Beat the erector spinae for deep massage

Back Massage Gun Attachment
Impact Level: 6/10
Flat Attachment
Back Massage Gun Attachment
Impact Level: 5/10
Ball Attachment

Tips For Using A Gun Massager For Back Pain

Back Muscle Massager Gun
Tips 1

When you start to use the lower back pain massage gun, it's not recommended to press hard on the muscles immediately. It will not comfortable to directly perform deep massage when the surface muscles are not relaxed. In the beginning, keep the back gun massager suspended on the surface of the muscles and do not apply too much pressure;

Back Pain Gun
Tips 2

Move the back muscle massager gun smoothly and slowly along the texture and curved surface of the back muscles, at a speed of about one centimeter per second. If you don't know the direction of the back muscle fibers, you can search for a cross-sectional view of the human body;

Back Pain Massage Gun
Tips 3

Breathing is actually an important action to get a comfortable feeling of muscle relaxation. Take deep breaths for as long as possible. Deep breathing can help relax your emotions. Please keep your muscles in a relaxed state as much as possible during using a massage gun on your back.

Video Of Massage Gun For Lower Back Pain

Video Of Massage Gun For Lower Back Pain


Turn on the switch and use the back gun massager head to hold the muscle position to enhance the penetration and massage effect through resonance.


There is no need to apply too much external force to press, and do not hit at the same position for too long. It is advisable to use the same part multiple times for a total time of 3-5 minutes. Move and walk slowly in different positions with a certain amount of thrust.


Strike along the texture and direction of the muscles.


Note that the mini fascia gun cannot massage the bones.


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