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ZP-100DIC Household Intermediate Frequency Therapeutic Apparatus

The product features of ZP-100DIC household intermediate frequency physiotherapy instrument massage machine

  • Indications: Rehabilitation therapy for cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, and lumbar disc herniation. Multiple treatment options are available for each disease.

  • The electrode has a heating function, which effectively promotes blood circulation.

  • The waveform amplitude, frequency, and modulation of the machine are constantly changing, making it difficult for the body to adapt.

  • The intermediate frequency frequency of the massage equipment is 2-10KHz, and the higher the frequency, the stronger the penetration, and the better the clinical effect.

  • Nine kinds of waveforms: Rich in modulation waveforms, including square waves, spike waves, sawtooth waves, triangle waves, exponential waves, fan waves, sine waves, trapezoidal waves, and pulse waves, etc.


Working principle of ZP-100DIC household intermediate frequency physiotherapy instrument massage machine

  • Intermediate frequency electrotherapy is a method of treatment and rehabilitation using alternating current with a frequency of 1kHz-100kHz (including sinusoidal waves, pulse waves, and modulation waves).

  • Currently, in the physical therapy industry, intermediate frequency electrotherapy is mainly divided into isopotential intermediate frequency electrotherapy, low-frequency modulated intermediate frequency electrotherapy, and interference electrotherapy.

  • The purpose of modulated intermediate frequency and interference current is to use the characteristics of strong penetration of the intermediate frequency current as the carrier to send modulated or interfering waves into the human body to achieve the effect of deep treatment.

The product mechanism of ZP-100DIC household intermediate frequency physiotherapy instrument massage machine


  • The current of the household intermediate frequency physiotherapy instrument massage machine can excite the peripheral nerves' thick fibers and suppress the thin fibers transmitting pain sensations through "gates," achieving a pain-relieving effect.

  • Intermediate frequency current can dilate blood vessels, promote blood circulation, and accelerate the discharge of local pain-causing substances.

  • Intermediate frequency stimulation can also make the body release morphine-like substances with analgesic effects.

Improve local blood circulation and promote inflammation dissipation

  • Axon reflex and triple reflex: Axon reflex refers to when the current acts on the human body surface, the electrical stimulation is transmitted to the spinal cord posterior horn through the afferent nerves, excites the efferent nerves, which causes the small arteries of the skin to dilate and leads to a diffuse redness on the surface. When the skin is stimulated, it will release histamine, P substance, acetylcholine, etc., which can cause artery dilation. In addition, electrical stimulation can directly cause artery dilation. The above three aspects are called triple reflex.

  • Contraction of muscles: Low-frequency modulated wave or interference wave can cause muscle contraction, rhythmic contraction and relaxation of muscles, forming a "pump" effect, thereby promoting the return flow of blood and lymphatic fluid.

  • Metabolites of muscle activity: Metabolites of muscle activity, such as lactic acid, ATP, ADP, etc., have obvious vasodilation effects.

  • Soften scars and release adhesions: The current of the household intermediate frequency physiotherapy instrument massage machine can expand the gaps between cells and tissues, loosen adhesions of connective tissue fibers, muscle fibers, and nerve fibers.

  • Excite nerve and muscle tissue: Low-frequency modulated wave or interference wave can change the ion permeability of cell membranes, cause changes in polarity of the inner and outer sides of the cell membrane, depolarize the membrane potential, form an action potential, and thus excite nerves and muscles, producing muscle contraction.

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