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Which Knee Massage is Better?

The knee is one of the most important parts of the human body and is prone to injury. If you wait until the problem is serious and then treat it, it will not only cost a lot of effort but also the treatment process may be very painful. Therefore, people with vulnerable knees, such as the elderly, high-load exercisers, and people who are sedentary in the office, should protect their knees at ordinary times, and using a knee massager is a good choice.

1. Before choosing a knee massager, first understand the causes of knee fatigue and pain

There are three main types of knee pain. The first is the pain caused by sclerosis of the knee joint, which often occurs in the elderly or sedentary people. Due to long-term exercise, the muscles and joints near the knee will become sclerotic. It is easy to feel pain. In this case, in order to relieve knee pain, the knee joint and muscles (such as the thigh part, the inner knee, the anterior shin splint of the calf part, etc.) near the knee should be fully softened comfortably.

The second is pain due to the concentrated load on the bones. Due to factors such as old age or disease, some people have low muscle strength, which increases the load on the joints during exercise, and it is easy to bring knee pain in the long run. In this case, the inner thigh muscles should be fully exercised to soften, reduce joint loosening, and ease joint load.

The third is common in sports enthusiasts - pain due to concentrated load on tendons and ligaments. For example, excessive exercise or poor posture can cause some muscles to fatigue and harden, and even the tendons and ligaments of the hardened muscles are hardened, which eventually leads to the deterioration of the mobility of tendons, ligaments and other tissues. In this case, the knee is prone to pain or discomfort during exercise. In order to alleviate this situation, the kneecap can be moved before exercise to soften the knee joint; after exercise, the inner and inner sides of the knee should be relaxed to reduce fatigue.

2. Knee massager is more suitable for the all-round type

The knee massage device adopts all-round wrapping massage, which can massage the front side, back side, thigh muscles and calf muscles of the knee, which can relieve the pressure of the knee joint, and can effectively relieve the fatigue and pain of the knee joint. Whether it is an elderly person with stiff joints and muscles around the knee, or a sports enthusiast, it is more suitable.

It is different from many electric massagers with blunt techniques. The knee massager adopts a human-like massage method. The technique is relatively gentle, and the force will vary according to the different massage parts, so that the massage can be done in place without damaging the joints or muscles. According to the actual measurement, when massaging the front of the knee, it is like the thumb and index finger of both hands are stuck on the kneecap and shake gently, which can relax the knee while avoiding damage to the fragile kneecap. For the front, inner and outer thighs on the upper part of the knee, it can be massaged vigorously to deeply relieve fatigue and knee pain.

In addition to buying a professional knee massager, you should also take care of your knees at ordinary times. For example, avoid prolonged sitting, maintain a good posture during exercise, wear knee pads when exercising vigorously, take more calcium, eat more anti-inflammatory foods, and keep your legs warm, etc. If you have blood circulation problems in your knees, or you want to show your filial piety to your parents, Beoka's Knee Massagers are very good choices. They can effectively relieve the pressure on the knee joint, reduce swelling, and promote local blood circulation!

As a professional home massage equipment supplier in China, Beoka provides quality knee massage devices for you. Feel free to check out our D1 electric heating knee massager and D2 shiatsu knee massager series.  

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