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Among all the excellent parameters like excellent sound insulation, ignorable low noise, extraordinary power, amazing stability when operating and unrivaled battery life, the most competitive parameter would be the stall force up to 63lbs, which is 20-30% than the pro series massage guns of other brands. The award-wining Beoka PRO+ is perfectly suitable for big muscles, professional athletes, and fitness enthusiasts. With the first-tier brand battery and sensored brushless motor we are using, Beoka pro muscle massager can provide you with a deep-tissue massage, and complete relaxation after a long time demanding, and exhausting workout.

Beoka Muscle Massager Videos

About Beoka
Sichuan Qianli-beoka Medical Technology Inc. is a manufacturer of medical and individual apparatus for physiotherapy which integrates R&D, production, sales, and service. It has been focusing on the field of physiotherapy for over 20 years.

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Video Of Massage Gun For Shoulder
Video Of Massage Gun For Shoulder

Feel soreness around the shoulder but do not know how to relax the related muscle? Let Beoka shoulder pain massage gun help! Beoka provide wholesale shoulder massager at consistently high quality. Our shoulder series can greatly ease the pain and promote blood circulation around the shoulder. Feel free to check out the instruction video on the right.

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