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The Role and Function of the Fascia Gun: Eliminate Soreness

Exercise is a way of life that the whole people can participate in anytime, anywhere. People who exercise regularly can not only maintain the maintenance of physical functions, but also focus on losing weight to make themselves beautiful. Exercise can be sweating in the gym, running in the stadium, or exercising your muscles and bones in your daily work. Have you ever felt this way? After exercising once in a while, the next day you will often feel sore muscles all over your body, your body is heavy and weak, and your legs will tremble when you bend them. We lost our passion for the next day's work.

1. The fascia gun relaxes muscles and nerves

However, the arm is sore after touching the iron in the gym, the legs and feet are sore after running on the sports field, or the muscle pain in the whole body after a day of "exercise" at work. This kind of pain is actually called in our body. related to the tissue of the fascia. When cutting meat, we can see that the meat is covered with a translucent white film, or the "muscle" that connects the meat to the bone, which is what we call fascia.

However, the function of the wholesale massage gun can relax the muscles and nerves through high-speed vibration. Because the body will produce a lot of lactic acid after strenuous exercise, if you don't relax in time, your muscles will appear sore the next day. The function of the fascia gun is to use its special high-speed motor to drive the "gun head" to generate high-frequency vibrations that act on the deep layers of the muscles to reduce local tissue tension, relieve pain, and promote blood circulation. All in all, it is very comfortable after use.

2. Fascia gun is a good way of relaxation therapy

If conditions permit, you can equip yourself with a pocket mini muscle massager to use. Using it before exercise can effectively warm up the Achilles tendon and reduce the risk of tearing the Achilles tendon caused by sudden strenuous exercise; it can also be used to relax the Achilles tendon after exercise, relieve fatigue, and make the Achilles tendon rejuvenate faster.

The Beoka Massage Gun is a favorite massager for the Asian crowd. It uses percussion therapy to increase blood flow to specific muscle areas, which helps reduce inflammation and muscle tension. The mini massage gun can also be used before strenuous exercise to help warm up the muscles before activity.

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