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The Purpose of the Fascia Gun is to Warm Up Before Exercise and Relax Muscles After Exercise

Warm-up and relaxation are indispensable steps before and after exercise. Warming up before exercise can prepare the body that was originally dormant, avoid sports injuries and reduce the risk factor of injuries. And relaxation after exercise can eliminate fatigue, restore physical fitness, and improve the effect of exercise. The "relaxation artifact" that is popular in the fitness circle at home and abroad, the fascia gun for massage, is not only more convenient to use, but also more effective.

1. This relaxation tool, called the fascia gun, actually uses the mechanical principle of vibration

When the muscle fascia massage gun transmits the vibration to the deep fascial muscles, it relaxes the fascia and reduces the stress on the muscles. High-frequency vibration stimulation can reduce adhesions and nodules between muscles and fascia, preventing sports injuries. Think about it, when we exercise vigorously, the muscle capillaries open a lot and the muscles are highly tense. If you do not massage and squeeze the muscles after exercise, the blood accumulated in the muscles will not be able to flow back to the heart in time, and the stiffness and fatigue of the muscles will not be easily eliminated. If the day after exercising, soreness comes to you, it means that you are not relaxed or not relaxed enough, and you have to pay attention next time.

If you are really not good at relaxation, then you have to use the fascia gun to perform deep stimulation and say goodbye to lactic acid pain. The multi-speed variable speed adjustment allows you to freely choose the vibration frequency that suits you. There are more customized soft massage heads for switching, so that each muscle group in each joint can be relaxed. You can press it anywhere, and it's comfortable to press anywhere. Isn't it light after you press it?

2. Fascia relaxation is more important than training, and the fascia gun is the most efficient

In addition, the wholesale massage gun has a built-in lithium battery with long-lasting battery life, which can be used for several hours when fully charged, and the motor is powerful and low-key, so that you can enjoy the massage of the fascia gun with peace of mind, without worrying about sudden power failure or noise influence the others.

The fascia gun has made a lot of optimized designs on the original basis, so that perfectionists can't be picky. The new design brings a stronger vibration, reduces the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles and relieves the stiffness and soreness of the muscles after congestion. If you are doing strenuous exercise or high-intensity training, if you often feel sore everywhere on the second day and the next few days, you might as well try the fascia gun first, maybe you will like to use it. feel it.

Of course, in addition to being used for relaxation after exercise and training, the fascia gun can also be used to relieve the fatigue of office workers from sitting for a long time in the office. Sitting for a long time doesn't seem like a lot of exercises, but it's not easy. For people who will maintain a posture at their workstation all day, and deal with all kinds of trivial problems in front of the computer and files, they will feel physically and mentally exhausted. Moreover, many office workers are now in a sub-health state, and they need to use a fascia gun to relax their bodies during work breaks. For daily commuting or business trips, pack the fascia massage gun fully charged in your bag and take it out, and it can also give you gentle care at any time.

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