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The New Trend About Oxygenertator Healthcare

October 13th is the annual "World Health Day". Have you been keeping healthy? Under the high-stress, hectic lifestyle of today's crazy competition and burning the midnight oil, us young people have long joined the "ahead-of-time health trend"! We drink alcohol while brewing goji berries in our thermos cups, stick warmers on our ripped jeans, wear knee pads while jumping, and use the most expensive eye cream to stay up late. Behind this stylized self-mockery for health, we accumulate our anxieties about our health! However, faced with sub-health conditions such as dizziness, listlessness, besides having a balanced diet and regular exercise, another new choice for healthy living has appeared: "oxygen" health.

Medical research has shown that industrial pollution, exhaust emissions from cars, and reduction in urban green spaces may lead to less and less oxygen in cities, with some areas having less than 21% oxygen content. In addition, not opening windows for ventilation when sleeping at night, leaving air conditioning on all night, and using recycled indoor air can decrease the oxygen content in the air.

Applicable population for oxygenerator

Therefore, appropriately breathing oxygen, just like supplementing our daily nutrients, how do we know if we are suitable for oxygen therapy? The following has been sorted for you to see if you fit into the population suitable for oxygenerators.

Office workers

For those office workers who sit for long hours in the office, go through brainstorming sessions, work overtime frequently, and suffer from insomnia, their long-term, high-strung brains not only have a significant impact on work efficiency, but also potentially cause physical problems. Therefore, breathing oxygen appropriately can enhance brain oxygen supply, relieve insomnia and headaches, invigorate the mind, and improve concentration. In the fast-paced life, the faster our bodies can recover mentally, the more worry-free and efficient our work becomes.


For those who forget what they learn, repeatedly try but cannot commit things to memory, and are unable to keep up with the teacher's problem-solving strategies, trying breathing oxygen can increase oxygen supply to the brain, restore blood oxygen concentration, and can effectively activate thinking, improve attention and memory. By breathing oxygen, you might discover that learning can be easier.

Pregnant women

In late pregnancy, pregnant women's bodies are under a heavier load, and their exercises decrease, which can commonly lead to dizziness. Pregnant women can use oxygenerators appropriately when feeling chest tightness shortness of breath, which not only improves their own functional state but can also alleviate the discomfort of the fetus in the womb. This is because it allows the fetus to obtain more adequate oxygen through its mother's blood and thus improve its growth and development. By breathing oxygen, the pregnancy can become less worrisome.

Middle-aged and elderly individuals

Due to a slow metabolic rate and declining organ function, middle-aged and elderly individuals will inevitably experience dizziness, palpitations, and shortness of breath. Breathing oxygen appropriately can not only increase oxygen content in the body, improve tissue hypoxia, but also increase the material metabolism of the body's cells and organs, improve the body's immune function, and prevent health problems caused by hypoxia. The healthier old age individuals have, the more they can enjoy their grandchildren's happiness.

In addition, some patients with certain illnesses and people who live in areas with high altitude and oxygen deficiency will have a greater need for "oxygen". Therefore, oxygenerators are suitable for the majority of people. It is important to choose an oxygenerator that is suitable for you.


Beoka Portable Health Oxygenerator PO2-A

The PO2-A is equipped with a high-performance American Thomas compressor pump and French imported molecular sieve. It can directly separate high-purity oxygen from the air, and the oxygen concentration lasts stably. It has multiple layers of filtration and pure oxygen output, with a concentration of over 90%.


Beoka's new oxygenerator technology

The oxygenerator uses a new generation of pulse oxygen supply. It supplies oxygen when the user inhales and stops oxygen supply when exhaling, based on the user's breathing rate. Compared with continuous oxygen supply, pulse oxygen supply can effectively increase the utilization rate of oxygen, make breathing more comfortable, and relieve nasal irritation caused by airflow stimulation. It also has a fixed frequency mode for intermittent continuous oxygen supply to meet the needs of different populations:

In addition, with a compact body that can be held with one hand, it is portable and easy to use anytime and anywhere. With a Type-C interface for fast charging, backup battery as standard, and over 200 minutes of battery life, it can easily meet the needs of people who need oxygen therapy 2-3 times a day, 30-60 minutes each time. Even at an altitude of 5,000 meters, it can be used with confidence. It means that people can travel and climb mountains with oxygen therapy without limitation!

Unload the burden on our bodies, and let "oxygen" become a healthy habit in our precious lives. Strengthen the pulse of life and enjoy living in every breath. Beoka will accompany people on this health journey, to experience the many possibilities that life has to offer.

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