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The Method of Using the Mini Fascia Gun to Massage the Thigh Muscles to Release Lactic Acid

There are many mini fascia guns on the market. What exactly is a fascia gun? The so-called fascia gun is a wireless relaxation product. Its principle is to massage deep muscle groups through high-frequency vibrations, relieve muscle soreness and reduce lactic acid accumulation. Anyone who has gone to massage probably knows that masseuses usually only touch the superficial layer of the muscles, and the single price is not cheap; the point is that the high-frequency vibration of the fascia gun per minute can massage deep muscle groups, and just gently place it on the area to be massaged, without pressing hard.

1. Reasons for needing mini fascia gun massage

In fact, whether it is a driver who goes to work, a driver who drives for a long time, a person exercising, a housewife, etc., when the posture is poor for a long time and the pressure is high, the body is often in a tense state, or an inflammatory reaction caused by exercise and aging. It may lead to the adhesion of the fascia, which will gradually limit the angle of movement of our body, and cause problems such as pain, uneven stress on the joints, and even cause chronic damage to the body, so we need to massage with a mini fascia gun at this time. In fact, generally manual massage can only relax to the shallow part. If you want to massage the fascia, you still need to use a professional massage gun to be effective.

2. The method of using the mini fascia gun to massage the thigh muscles to release lactic acid

"Release lactic acid" is actually just relaxing the muscle tension caused by track and field training. After using the mini fascia gun to relax, you must cooperate with the tendon tension. Using the mini fascia gun, like our C2 mini massage gun and Q2 mini massage gun series, to relax and eliminate lactic acid is only an auxiliary role, and the tendon tension is the focus.

Fascia gun massage our calf can shape the muscles and improve our calf muscles. In the daily running process, when going up the stairs, the muscles on the front of our thighs are used very frequently, and when we do some squatting exercises, it is a joint action with our gluteus maximus. Therefore, quadriceps femoris and gluteus maximus, which complement each other, make us move a lot on the ground. When we use the fascia gun to release these muscle groups, because the area of quadriceps femoris is very large, we must use the mini fascia gun to deal with it alone.

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