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The Application Method And Effect Of Fascia Gun Were Analyzed

Massage gun, also called deep myofascial impact instrument, is a soft tissue rehabilitation tool that relaxes the soft tissues of the body through high-frequency impact. The massage gun has an action time of 10-15 seconds, which can reactivate the muscles during exercise or any activity, relieve muscle spasm and fatigue, and keep the muscles active; under the action time of 30 seconds, the muscles can be activated and awakened immediately; The use time lasts for 2 minutes, which can restore painful muscles after exercise and achieve deep relaxation; secondly, this home massage machine can fully accelerate muscle recovery and repair, increase blood and lymph flow, relieve muscle spasm and stiffness, and improve Lactic acid clearance rate, activation of the nervous system and muscles, and relieve muscle tension and knots.

1. The working principle of the massage gun

The massage gun utilizes the transfer effect of force. Through the principle of vibration, high-frequency vibration and beating are used to massage the muscles and the deep fascia tissue of the muscles, and the force and vibration are transmitted to the deep fascia muscles, which can generate 2000-3000 vibrations per minute. The gun head impacts the target part of the body to help the muscles and soft tissues to relax and recover, and promote blood circulation. It has the characteristics of simple operation, strong power, and time-saving and labor-saving.

2. How to use the massage gun

First of all, in the use situation and use part, if there are damage problems such as strains, tears, etc., it is undoubtedly not suitable for use; in the used part, it cannot be used to impact the joints. The joints are important and sensitive and easy to damage. The massage gun is mainly used to relax the muscles and soft tissues. It is not suitable for hitting the joints. It can act on the muscles. It is suitable to use a larger force to impact the thicker muscles. The thinner area is suitable for impact with less force. Therefore, the impact force should be selected according to the thickness of the muscle. In addition, the parts with organs, such as the pelvis and abdomen, should be avoided; secondly, In terms of hitting time, it is not that the longer the action time, the better. According to the instructions of the massage gun, the total duration of multiple uses on the same part is 3-5 minutes. Apply appropriate force to make the massage gun top Live the muscles, generate resonance, and enhance the effect of the massage; finally, in the direction of use, it should follow the texture of the muscles; in different parts, choose different massage heads.

3. The use effect of massage gun

Judging from the speed at which the massage gun opens the market, it does have a very good effect in the field of relaxation. First of all, the massage gun uses the tip of the gun to hit the target location to relieve the fatigue of the part due to exercise, work, and other reasons. The high-frequency oscillation directly penetrates the deep skeletal muscles, making the skeletal muscles instantly relax and unblock the meridians, nerves, and blood vessels; Secondly, through the relaxation of the fascia, the fascia can be effectively combed, and the friction with the muscles can be reduced. It is of great help in restoring joint mobility and muscle stretchability. Finally, short-term stimulation can help Improve the excitement of the sympathetic nerves and make the muscles easier to enter the working state. You can use the activation method before or during exercise.

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