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Smart Bluetooth Skipping Rope Can Count Accurately and Monitor Exercise Status

Winter is a season when you don't have to show your body. I believe everyone will enjoy food recklessly many times. Especially during the New Year's holiday, gathering with friends and family, it is inevitable to taste all kinds of delicacies. A chemical reaction occurs when you eat and eat in a trance. Especially when they are idle at home during the holidays, the student party and office workers have no chance to exercise, and it is easy to grow meat. There are also people who will get lost and go to the gym to go crazy for exercise, but not everyone has this time and economic level. Especially during the recent epidemic, it is still the safest measure to reduce going out and stay at home. Does being at home mean not exercising? This concept is very wrong. Today, we recommend a practical good thing that can exercise anytime and anywhere: smart APP bluetooth counter skipping rope.

1. The advantages of smart bluetooth skipping rope over ordinary skipping rope

The first thing I want to introduce to you is that the biggest difference between the counter bluetooth skipping rope and the traditional skipping rope is that the smart skipping rope uses a magnetic field sensor, combined with a professional algorithm, to ensure that the data of our skipping are completely recorded and saved. In addition, there is also a smart display on the jump rope handle. We can easily and intuitively see the data to rationalize the movement. No need to spend brain and energy to memorize, easy, fast and convenient. At the same time, skipping rope has three modes for everyone to choose freely. Changing different modes can reduce the boring feeling brought by sports and stimulate everyone's interest in sports. Three skipping modes can meet all your needs to the greatest extent to achieve the purpose of burning fat.

2. In addition to intelligent and precise counting, the bluetooth skipping rope also comes with an exclusive APP

The smart bluetooth skipping rope can be connected through bluetooth to monitor the fitness status of weight loss and fat reduction in real time. This scientific and reasonable method can make our sports easier and more effective. It is very useful for friends who don't like sports very much. In addition to the intelligence of the skipping rope, the merchants have also made careful adjustments to the rope itself. First of all, there are two modes of skipping rope, wired and wireless. The wireless skipping rope is not limited by any space. It is specially designed to take out the long rope and replace it with two weight-bearing balls. Without the limitation of the rope, you can change different sports methods, which is very user-friendly.

The design of the rope is not only to switch the mode, the rope part is not ordinary rubber or hemp rope, but a thick steel wire rope wrapped in wear-resistant PVC, which is strong and durable. At the same time, the handle is made of ABS anti-slip material, which is comfortable to hold and very light in weight. These details are designed to be user-friendly and highly practical, which is very convenient for our daily exercise. The appearance design of the smart bluetooth skipping rope is simple and atmospheric with black as the main element. At the same time, the external packaging has also been carefully designed, with a full sense of luxury. It can also be used as a gift, full of sincerity.

Are you still troubled by not wanting to exercise? Everyone really needs to pay attention to a reasonable diet and exercise, not only to keep in shape, but also to maintain a healthy and active body. Quickly choose the smart counter skipping rope and move anytime, anywhere!

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