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Shoulder Massage Gun

We have two large muscle groups in the neck and shoulder, the trapezius and the levator scapulae. For these two muscles, people who have been sitting for a long time will often experience muscle stiffness and even pain. And massage gun for shoulder impingement can give excellent massage over these two muscle areas. As a professional massage gun manufacturer, Beoka provides quality massage guns for frozen shoulder and shoulder bursitis. Feel free to contact at any time.

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How To Use Massage Gun On Shoulders?


Use a spare palm to prioritize the approximate area where the suprascapular clavicle and scapula are located. The frozen shoulder massage gun fits into the palm of our hand and releases the muscles on the inside.


From the outside, gradually place the shoulder massager gun close to the base of the neck, close to the whole neck position, to do a short stay, like minesweeper to the entire trapezius scope comb.


The levator scapulae is a strip of muscle. You can use the sharp end of the shoulder pain massage gun to comb along the direction of the muscle fibers. First, find a fixed point. Follow this point to the neck, make small movements, close to the base of the neck, stay for a while, then move the shoulder massager gun again from the starting point.

How to Use Massage Gun for Shoulder Bursitis


To use a massage gun for shoulder bursitis, first, choose the right attachment for the affected joint. Start slowly with a low speed and light pressure, gradually increasing the intensity as you feel comfortable. Focus on targeting specific trigger points in the affected area where you feel pain or tension, and avoid bone and joint areas. 


Use the massage gun frozen shoulder in short sessions and gradually increase the length of the massage over time. Combining massage gun for bursitis therapy with other treatments recommended by your healthcare provider, such as rest, ice, physical therapy, or medication, can be helpful in reducing inflammation and pain associated with bursitis. However, it's important to consult with a healthcare provider first to ensure that it is appropriate for your individual condition.

Recommended Massage Gun Attachment Head For Your Shoulder

  • For big muscles: big round massage head

  • For bigger muscles: round massage head

  • For regular body parts: flat massage head

  • For tight spots: bullet massage head

  • For muscle around the shoulder and spinal area: U-shaped massage head

  • For weak body parts: shock-absorption massage head

Shoulder Massage Gun Attachment
Impact Level: 5/10
Ball Attachment
Shoulder Massage Gun Attachment
Impact Level: 6/10
Flat Attachment

Using Massage Gun On Shoulder Tips

Tips For Shoulder Massage Gun
Tips 1

Don't press the body excessively during use, and pay attention to the bones around the shoulders during exercise, and don't hit the bones.

Tips For Shoulder Massage Gun
Tips 2

It is not that the longer the time, the more painful the more effective.

Use the same position for 5-10 minutes.

Massage Gun For Shoulder Pain Video

Massage Gun For Shoulder Pain Video


Use the shoulder impingement massage gun to relax the shoulder muscles, so as to avoid long-term tightening of the neck and shoulder muscles and the development of a frozen shoulder.


Now you know how to use massage gun for shoulder pain, you're ready to go!


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