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Research On Intelligent Development Of Rope Skipping

With the further improvement of modern people’s quality and level of life, more and more young people use skipping rope for fitness after daily work or study, and rope skipping fitness exercise is a comprehensive exercise that can be carried out freely at any time without limitation. Aerobic fitness exercises have always been widely loved by rope skippers and young people. With the development and progress of smart technology, smart rope skipping with multiple functions has gradually appeared in people's lives, making rope skippers add a lot of fun while exercising and fitness.

1. The function of smart skipping rope

With the development of science and technology and the improvement of living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for sports experience. The addition of technological factors to the rope skipping handle and the connection with the app on the smart device allows people to increase the number of rope skipping exercises. A lot of fun. The smart rope skipping on the market mainly has the following functions:

(1) Counting function. Many sports brands have launched low-cost skipping ropes with an on-screen counting function, connected to magnetic sensors, to help skippers accurately record the number of skipping ropes, can get rid of the troublesome, inaccurate, and other problems of traditional skipping rope counting.

(2) Data synchronization function. Smart rope skipping links the traditional skipping rope with the mobile phone APP or sports watch via Bluetooth and synchronizes the data to the APP of the matching smart device. Not only can it record various data about the rope skipping, but also body movement data information.

(3) Social sharing function. Some smart rope skipping also synchronizes APP cloud data, which can display rope skipping speed, number of ropes, average frequency, etc., and can also record daily, monthly, and annual skipping data.

2. Smart rope skipping solution

Generally, a smart rope skipping consists of several parts, namely, a control module, a sensor module, a display module, a wireless transmission module, a storage module, a power supply module, and a rope body. The sensor is generally connected to the rope body, and the sensor detects the rotation of the rope skipping shaft and accurately obtains the number of times the athlete skips the rope through a built-in algorithm. The input end of the sensor is connected to the output end of the power supply module, and the power supply module provides power. The output end of the sensor is connected to the input end of the control module, and the data sensed by the sensor is sent to the control module; the control module organizes the data, It can be displayed through the display module, and it can also be connected to the mobile terminal device through the wireless transmission module for data storage, display, analysis, and exchange.

The handle is an important part of the smart rope skipping that distinguishes it from the traditional skipping rope. Except for the rope, the other parts of the smart rope skipping need to be embedded in the handle. The corresponding functions of the smart rope skipping also need to be reflected on the handle to facilitate the operation and selection of the rope skipper. The rope skipping handle also needs to be equipped with a design that can freely adjust the length of the rope. The groove structure is generally used to meet the rope length requirements of people of different heights and improve the effective utilization of skipping rope. In addition to satisfying the above functions, in order for users to have a better exercise experience, the handle also needs to have the characteristics of good grip, lightweight, and small size.

Thanks to the advancement of modern technology, rope skipping, as the workout recovery tools, has also developed from a single rope to an intelligent one. There are also corresponding rope skipping APPs that are used together, and there is more research on smart rope skipping devices. The smart skipping rope is small in size, novel and diverse in styles, convenient to carry, easy to use, rich in functions, and has a good development prospect.

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