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Beoka Wellness Massagers are created for human health. We specialized in medical apparatus for over 20 years. We developed a series of products for a different therapy. Neck massager adopts electrotherapy and Hyperthermia, joint massager adopts electrotherapy and compression therapy, leg massager and Medium Frequency adopts compression therapy, oxygenator adopts oxygen therapy.


Medium Frequency is medical apparatus. We gained a good reputation for this series from our customers. And it's used in noble hospitals here in China. With the experience in the medical ground, we develop Wellness Massagers for individuals like a neck massagers and joint massagers, which are popular all over the world. Oxygenator is a new product that just came out this Oct. and got great feedback from the customers in the Fairs. The most competitive factor for this oxygenator is it’s very portable, easy to carry yet still holds high oxygen concentration.


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Types Of Wellness Massagers
Neck Massager
The Beoka Neck massager uses low-frequency pulse massage technology to stimulate muscle cells and stimulate sensory nerve fibers through the skin to relieve muscle soreness. Rapid heating temperature technology promotes blood circulation, accelerates local metabolism, and drives away fatigue.
Joint Massager
Beoka Joint massager series simulate real human massage, they use constant temperature hot compress for making deep massage penetration on the knee.
Leg Massager
Beoka Leg Massagers adopt compression therapy, which is the therapy putting pressure on the limbs, to promote blood circulation.
Medium Frequency Current In Physiotherapy
Intermediate frequency electrotherapy is the application of alternating current (including sine wave, pulse wave, and modulated wave, etc.) with a frequency of 1kHz-100kHz for treatment and rehabilitation.
Spa Bed
The spa bed is used for relaxation training (also called relaxation therapy or relaxation therapy). The water jet sprayed by the nozzle creates the effect of floating on the water surface.
Portable Oxygenerator
Traditional oxygenator is good but only one problem: it's not portable. People who are using it have to stay at home or hospital all the time, but people need to go out for fresh air!
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Why Do We Need To Focus On Wellness Massager?

  • Reduce muscle tension: wellness massager can help you reduce your muscle tension and feel relaxed again.

  • Improved blood circulation: Massage will promote the flow of body fluids and promote blood circulation.

  • Improved skin tone: Massage could help you get relaxed, and relaxation makes a good mood, a good mood makes better skin tone.

  • Stimulation of the lymphatic system.

  • Reduction of stress hormones.

  • Heightened mental alertness: not only massagers can heighten mental alertness, but also oxygenators. People would be alert when breathing in the fresh air. And oxygen is the important thing of fresh air. Breathing oxygen would help us keep alert and reduce anxiety and depression.

Professional Beoka Wellness Massager

Our professional wellness massagers can use a massager whenever you're looking to relieve some muscle tension, but it may be especially beneficial to use after a workout to promote recovery with reduced muscle soreness.

The Benefits Of Wellness Massager
The Benefits Of Wellness Massager

Beoka Wellness Massager got many positive feedbacks among our customers. Like we sold well to all over the world of our neck massagers and joint massagers. The medical-grade wellness massager got a good reputation in many noble hospitals. And with the experience of that, we developed wellness massagers for individuals which gained a lot of fans among the world. Beoka focuses on recovery and therapy, not just massage. We develop products for reducing the pain, solving the problem, not just massage.

Massage Gun VS Wellness Massager

The fascia meridian in the human body has the effect of stabilizing posture.

Massage guns massage body and muscle in a physical way. It vibrates and hits the muscle vertically. It is physiotherapy. Wellness massager, on the other hand, adopts electrotherapy, heat therapy, TENS, oxygen therapy, etc. Like joint massager got a vibration, heating, multiple massage modes, airbag compressing. The neck massager got heat, multiple massage modes. Leg massager got airbag pressing. Spa bed got heating and oxygenator got oxygen therapy, etc. Massage guns and wellness massagers are different in ways of wellness, but both aim for wellness.

Short-term benefits

Relieve muscle soreness and deep relaxation of muscles.

Long-term benefits

Massage can stimulate cell metabolism, make fibroblasts generate new hyaluronic acid, and restore the sliding ability of fascia.

How Do Wellness Massager Work?

Wellness massager causes physiological changes in your body in the following ways:


Relaxation reaction, which is the unconscious but predictable response of the nervous system to massage techniques and touch of the wellness massager.

Mechanical reaction, which is a physical effect that occurs in the body when pressure is applied to soft tissues.


Together, these reactions can produce physical and emotional benefits.

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