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Super Mini Muscle Massager

Supermini massage gun series, like other Beoka massage gun series, got 5-speed levels in total. Silicone, ABS material, and double-layer UV paint make it got an exquisite and high-end appearance, and first-tier brand Tianjin Lishen batteries and sophisticated motor make it very powerful and strong. Some models in this massage gun series got the same design with the MINI series, which is launched for massage guns for couples, MINI for the men, supermini for women.


Supermini massage guns got a lot of models, some with the same outside design with some models in MINI series. Like model CUTEX and model CUTEX1, model Q2 and model Q1, for couples. The finest massage guns for the material would be model Q1, which got silicone material like model Q2, so with a very nice touch. And model A1 and C1 are brand new for the design, no other massage guns got the same look with them.


The most competitive thing for the supermini massage gun series is that it's smallest in size, yet got an 8.1kg stall force. SMALLEST in the world was yet strong.

Safety Of Super MINI Muscle Massager

Safety Of Super MINI Muscle Massager

Is it safe to use a supermini massage gun?


Well, it's a kind of physiotherapy and physical hitting is involved. So it's better to speak to your doctor before you use it. And read the instruction carefully. The instruction says some groups of people are not supposed to use massage guns, like people who are carrying a baby, the elderly, children, etc. And avoid hitting some weak body parts like bone, head, neck, joint, etc.


Have a safe and great massage journey!

The Difference Between The MINI+ Muscle Massager And MINI Muscle Massager

MINI Muscle Massager and Supermini Muscle Massager are both produced from Beoka's strict production standards. The major difference between the two series are:


First, the MINI series got 2600mah 18650 power 3C lithium batteries and the Supermini series got 650mah 14500 power 3C lithium batteries to fit in the small body size.

Second, the MINI series got a bigger size motor than the Supermini series.


The two important factors make MINI series got 13.8kg stall force and the Supermini series 8.1kg stall force. Briefly: MINI series is bigger and stronger, Supermini series smallest in size with decent strength.

The Difference Between The MINI+ Muscle Massager And MINI Muscle Massager
Do Super MINI Muscle Massager Help Build Muscle?

Do Super MINI Muscle Massager Help Build Muscle?

When over-exercising or after anaerobic exercise, the human body will be hypoxic, and muscle glycogen will be converted into lactic acid due to hypoxia. Lactic acid causes muscle soreness, and in long term would affect the shape of your body.


Using the Supermini massage gun could help to reduce the lactic acid so relax muscle and soreness. Not only this, supermini massage guns could also help with blood circulation, warm up the body, release tension, so recovery faster from workouts.

Do Super MINI Muscle Massager Help Build Muscle?
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