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Spa Bed

The spa bed is used for relaxation training (also called relaxation therapy or relaxation therapy). The water jet sprayed by the nozzle creates the effect of floating on the water surface.

The three-dimensional water jet is used to massage the muscles, which promotes metabolism and blood circulation at the same time. Tension, anxiety, and irritability can be relieved and relaxed, sleep can be improved, and mental fatigue and other sub-health symptoms can be relieved. The rhythmic changes of strong and weak water pressure truly reproduce a variety of massage techniques, combined with rich treatment modes, to bring you a more comfortable and relaxing experience.

Spa Massage Beds
Spa Massage Beds
Spa Bed

Specification Of Spa Bed

Massage by water
Multiple massage modes
Intelligent heating system
Big silicone mattress
Humanoid massage
Ergonomic design

Effects Of Spa Bed

  1. Through water flow massage, the effect of promoting blood and lymph circulation, stimulating peripheral nerves, relieving fatigue, and improving sleep.

  2. Water pressure massage, a new experience of three-dimensional water impact on the whole body.

  3. Really reproduce various massage techniques such as kneading, rubbing, knocking, etc., bringing you a comfortable water pressure massage experience.

  4. Various massage modes for full body, half body, cervical spine, lumbar spine, etc. are available.

  5. Intelligent heating system, with environmentally friendly plastic pads, make the body more comfortable.

  6. It conforms to the user's physiological curvature of the human body, and can automatically adjust the water pressure of each part of the body to meet the different needs of users.


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