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Smart Jump Rope

This smart jump rope got a remote control and can connect to the phone. When skipping rope, this smart skipping rope can count. Beoka provides these high-quality fitness and wellness tools.

Smart Jump Rope
Smart Jump Rope
Smart Rope
Smart Skipping Rope
Smart Rope

Specification Of Smart Jump Rope

Handheld size170*25*20mm
Rated voltageDC3.7V
Rated power0.2W
Battery capacity250mAh/0.925wh
Input5V, 1A
Remote controlBluetooth 5.0
Product dimension60*147*186mm

Effects Of Smart Jump Rope

  1. Get fit

  2. get relaxed

  3. Build body shape

What Does a Smart Jump Rope Do?

A smart skipping rope is a bodybuilding tool that is equipped with various technological features to enhance your workout experience. These features can include:

Counting jumps: A Bluetooth skipping rope can count the number of jumps you complete during your workout, allowing you to track your progress and set goals for improvement.

Tracking calories burned: Some skipping rope Bluetooth can estimate the number of calories burned during your workout based on factors like your weight, height, and age.

Syncing with an app: Many Bluetooth jump ropes can connect to a smartphone app via Bluetooth, allowing you to track your workout data and access additional features like workout plans and challenges.

Displaying workout data: Some smart rope jump ropes have built-in displays that show your workout data in real-time, including the number of jumps, calories burned, and time elapsed.

Providing feedback: Some smart rope skipping can provide feedback on your form and technique, helping you to improve your jump rope skills and avoid injury

Overall, a smart jump rope can be a fun and effective way to add variety to your workout routine and track your progress over time.


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