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Among all the excellent parameters like excellent sound insulation, ignorable low noise, extraordinary power, amazing stability when operating and unrivaled battery life, the most competitive parameter would be the stall force up to 63lbs, which is 20-30% than pro series massage guns of other brands. The award-wining Beoka PRO+ is perfectly suitable for big muscles, professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts. With the first-tier brand battery and sensored brushless motor, Beoka's PRO+ sports gun massager can not only provide the users with a deep-tissue massage, a complete relaxation after a long time demanding and exhausting workout but also assists the users in accurately controlling the time and level of the massage.  For instance, our LCD display body massage gun can clearly display the number of hits and the current output energy. Feel free to contact us for further info!

Sports Massager Features

Sports Massager Features

First tier brand TianJin LiShen 2600mAh lithium-ion battery which has a 6-hour battery life and 8-10 years service life.

Sensored brushless motor makes the massage gun equipped with ignorable noise, excellent stability, strong force and bidirectional vertical hitting.

Stall force up to 63lbs, super powerful, and good for big muscles and professional users.

Speed from 2100-3300 RPM with 5 levels in total, can meet different peoples' needs.

Come with a luxrious carry case and accessories like multipal massage heads, adaptor, instruction, etc.

How To Use Sports Massager?

Sports massager, like DMS deep muscle stimulator gun, should be used on the muscle. Start from the first speed level, to massage the muscles on the body. Use different massage heads for different body parts, to relax the body.

How To Use Sports Massager?
When To Use Sports Massage Guns? Sports massager

When To Use Sports Massage Guns?

You can use a massage gun whenever you feel like using it. But it is best to use it before and after workout. Massage gun is an excellent device for muscle soreness and stiffness.

When To Use Sports Massage Guns?

How To Choose A GYM Massager?


The most important thing of a GYM massage gun would be the power, and GYM massage gun most be strong and powerful.


Ignorable noise is always a good choice.


Reviews of a massage gun can help you choose a better one.

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