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The BEOKA Pro massage gun is the kind of device used by college sports departments and professional sports teams. Deeply loosen the fascia, strong power directly to the muscles.


Beoka DMS.F6 has about 21kg of stall force and 10mm amplitude, with five speeds up to 3,200 revolutions per minute (RPM), four head attachments and a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that holds up to ten hours. Model S6 is sort of a star product in this series. And you can find C6, X6, and S6 on Amazon and Walmart, hot-selling!


BEOKA professional muscle massager enables the user to exert more pressure to reach deeper into the target area. Which is perfect for professional athletes, casual runners, and physical therapists or chiropractors, to relieve muscle soreness and stiffness for whole-body relaxation.

Why Do We Need Pro Muscle Massage Gun?

Why Do We Need Pro Muscle Massage Gun?

The traditional massage method can only reach the superficial subcutaneous tissue, not the deep muscle tissue. Our professional percussion massage gun can act on the deep muscle tissue of the human body through continuous and rapid high-frequency vertical vibration, promote metabolism, comb the myofascial membrane, and effectively relieve muscle soreness.


The pro therapy impact massager is equipped with a variety of massage heads, which can take care of every muscle group. For example, the standard round head is suitable for routine relaxation of large muscle groups such as arms, lower back, and legs; a small flat head is suitable for massaging and relaxing the muscles of the whole body; a U-shaped head, is suitable for both sides of the spine Muscle relaxation massage; bullet head, suitable for massage on the trigger point, with more concentrated strength; shock-absorbing head, suitable for soft tissue and sensitive muscles, with more relaxed strength.


Beoka deep tissue percussion pro massager has an amplitude of up to 10mm, with 5-speed levels adjustment function, generally, 2000-3200 RPM. And the noise levels of these wholesale massage gun series are 45db and below, which can achieve the use of deep silence, relaxation of muscles, and soothing of the fascia.

The Difference Between The Pro Massage Gun And Pro+ Massage Gun

Generally speaking, the main difference between both types has to do with the stall force of the device. Pro+ massage gun has about 26kg of stall force, which is the weight you can exert on the device before it stalls and stops moving. This enables the user to exert more pressure to reach deeper into the target area. Our pro percussion gun massager has a stall force of up to 21KG.

Usually, we see Pro+ massage gun devices preferred by users who are more physically active such as athletes, as they tend to have a higher pain tolerance and require deeper and more intense stimulation for muscle release.

Thus, it is important to consider your target customer groups and market segments, to decide which types of massage guns are suitable for your business. As a professional massage gear supplier, Beoka can provide you with the perfect massage solution! Feel free to contact us at any time.

The Difference Between The Pro Massage Gun And Pro+ Massage Gun
What If Feeling Sore After Using Pro Massage Gun?

What If Feeling Sore After Using Pro Massage Gun?

First, determine the specific muscle area you want to target. Turn on the massage pro massage gun and move slowly back and forth in the area, applying more pressure as needed.


Usually, six to 10 minutes is enough, start low and work your way up. Listen to your body and if you feel any pain, stop immediately. Overstimulation of muscles can lead to injury, bruising, and, in severe cases, Rhabdomyolysis.


Always try to vibrate the pro handheld massage therapy gun just above the muscle. Avoid contact with joints and bones. Don't Use the pro muscle massager directly on any part of the spine, including the neck. If the area is painful, we suggest using the gun on the upper trapezius, the large muscle above the shoulder.


People with chronic pain also need to be extra careful about tapping; Deep pressure can lead to increased pain, especially in patients with fibromyalgia. If your muscles are sore, whether from exercise or stress-related stress, don't overdo it.


Certain medical conditions may also render the use of the massage gun unsafe in certain areas. For example, people with low bone density should be cautious. It is important to avoid using a pro-gun massager near the surgical wound, the thrombosis area (which usually presents as swelling, pain, and fever), or the artificial pacemaker or any other type of implant hardware. Pregnant women should also avoid using a massage gun. They should not be used to treat carpal tunnel syndrome, stress fractures, or acute inflammation.

What If Feeling Sore After Using Pro Massage Gun?
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