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Portable Oxygenerator

Traditional oxygenerator is good but only one problem: it's not portable. People who are using it have to stay at home or hospital all the time, but people need to go out for fresh air! Beoka portable oxygenerator make it as pulsed oxygen supply with small size of 0.8L, which is equivalent to continious oxygen supply of 5L! The benefit of the pulsed oxygen supply do not just make it portable and easy to carry, it also makes it moist. Thanks to the sensor in this oxygenerator, only supply oxygen when breathe in and would not supply oxygen when breathe out.

Product Master Drawing Oxygenerator
Product Master Drawing Oxygenerator
Product Master Drawing Oxygenerater
Product Master Drawing Portable Oxygenerator

Specification Of Portable Oxygenerator

Rated voltageDC14.4V
Rated power36W
Battery capacity5000mAh/72wh
Input12V, 3A
Oxygen consentrasion≥90%
Maximum flow0.8L/Min( equivalen continuity to 5L)
WeightAbout 1.6kg
Product dimention156*98*175mm
Battery lifeContinious working time≥2h after fully charged

Effects Of Portable Oxygenerator

This oxygen generator uses molecular sieve to extract oxygen in the air to achieve a concentration of more than 90% oxygen supply,  so it has the following effective effects:

  1. Accelerate blood circulation

  2. Refresh body and mind

  3. Strengthen memory


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