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Beoka Portable Muscle Massager got similar size, craft, etc. The difference between this series from Beoka bigger massage guns is that this series is equipped with a USB-C charger, which makes it more convenient to travel around. With 2600mah Tianjin Lishen batteries and sophisticated motor, Portable series got long battery life as 10 hours in the first level not hitting anything and service life 8-10 years, and stall force 15.3kg.


The best-selling massage gun in this series is model M2, which is sold 700,000 pcs last year. Model M2 is the lightest massage gun in the portable series yet the same strong. Model A2 got a 4000mah lithium power type 3C battery. Bigger capacity makes model A2 got longer battery life as 15 hours at the first level not hitting anything. In addition, this model got colorful indicator light. Model T2, V2 handheld percussion massagers are similar in a specific way, the blacklight UV makes them look really cool.


We are confident of the popularity of our massage guns, and we are happy to cooperate with you.

The Benefits Of Portable Muscle Massager

The Benefits Of Portable Muscle Massager

Now that PRO+ series and PRO series is perfect for professional users like athletes and gym coaches, it not very convenient to carry around and take to travel. So Beoka portable Muscle Massager is created this time. Business men and business women got demanding job. They travel a lot. Portable Muscle Massager is equipped with USB-C charger, and smaller size, that makes it easy to carry. And for people who sit in the office all day long for their work, Portable Muscle Massager is perfectly for them too.

What To Look For In A Portable Muscle Massager?

With the overwhelming massage guns in the market, what should we look for a Portable Muscle Massager?


Battery: Safety would be the most important thing in business. One safety problem could cost your brand reputation. Bad battery would cost some safety problems like self-explosion, so battery is a fatal factor for choosing a massage gun.


Strength: Portable Muscle Massager massage body through hitting the muscle vertically, and strength would require if the body need to feel relaxed after treatment. Beoka Portable Muscle Massager got 15.3kg stall force, as powerful as PROFESSIONAL MASSAGE GUNS of regular brands.


Design: Outside look of course is very important. Individual customers would purchase a massage gun just for its appearance! Beoka Portable Muscle Massager got double UV painting, classic design and fine craft.


Of course there are other factors are important, and pls feel free to talk to us about them!

What To Look For In A Portable Muscle Massager?
Is It Okay To Use Portable Muscle Massager Everyday?

Is It Okay To Use Portable Muscle Massager Everyday?

It's better to use a massage gun when you feel muscle tension, and after workout or a long day sitting or standing. But using it every day is not recommended. Because massage guns massage body through vertical hitting, and hit muscle every day for quite a time is not good, it may cause some damage. Avoid using Portable Muscle Massager on your weak body parts like bone, head, joint, neck etc. And ask advice from your doctor is a perfect choice.

Is It Okay To Use Portable Muscle Massager Everyday?
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