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NOTE 6 Sports Muscle Massager

Beoka NOTE 6 professional sports recovery massage gun is welcomed by the customers for the following features:

- Medica-grade: This body sports therapy massage gun is a medical-grade massage gun. It has 9 second-class medical device registration certificates. 

- Enough Quality Assurance: Complying with the professional medical equipment production standards, Beoka conducts a strict selection of industry-leading components to ensure the quality of this body sport therapeutic massager. The performance of our NOTE 6 sports vibrating muscle massager is stable, reliable, effective, durable, and safe.

- Wide Application: You can find the use of this muscle fascia massage gun before and after exercise, including warm-up before exercise, relaxation after exercise, recovery during exercise, sports injury recovery, etc. 

As one of the leading massage equipment suppliers in China, Beoka focuses on rehabilitation and physical therapy area for more than 20 years. We have obtained more than 200 patents, and some products have passed international certifications such as the US FDA and the US FCC.

Sports Therapy Massage Gun
Sports Therapy Massage Gun
Sports Therapy Massage Gun
Body Sport Therapeutic Massager
Sports Recovery Massage Gun

NOTE 6 Body Sport Therapeutic Massager Specifications

Body MaterialABS, Silicone
Intellectual Timing10mins
Massage Head6 different massage heads( Big ball head, ball head, Flat head, Bullet head, Fork head, Air cushion head).
Charging TypeAbout 3 hours DC charing.
Working TimeAbout 10 hours in first level not hitting anything
Battery Quantity6pcs
Battery Type18650 Power 3C rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Battery Capacity2500mAh
Speeds Level5 Speeds + LED indicatior light + touch screen
Speeds Range2100-3300 RPM
Rated Power25W, Rated Voltage: 22.2V
Packing Size380*120*253mm
Stall Force260N/26.53kg

NOTE 6 Sports Vibrating Muscle Massager Effects

  1. Muscle Spa

  2. Deep muscle relaxation experience

  3. Exercise assistance: warm-up before exercise / relieve soreness after exercise

  4. Recover and relax: restore damage, quickly decompose lactic acid, and eliminate fatigue

  5. Rehabilitation training: improve soft tissue health and relieve muscle tension

  6. Relieve fatigue: stretch muscle lines and release fatigue deeply


NOTE 6 Sports Muscle Massager Gallery

Note 6 Sports Muscle Massager
Sports Muscle Massager
Vibrating Sports Massager
Sports Vibrating Massager
Sports Therapy Massage Gun
Body Sport Therapeutic Massager
Sports Recovery Massage Gun
Gallery Note 6 Sports Muscle Massager
Gallery Sports Muscle Massager
Gallery Vibrating Sports Massager
Gallery Sports Vibrating Massager
Gallery Sports Therapy Massage Gun
Gallery Body Sport Therapeutic Massager
Gallery Sports Recovery Massage Gun

Attachments For NOTE 6 Sports Muscle Massager

Big Round Ball Attachment Of Massage Gun
Big Round Ball Attachment
Impact Level: 3/10

Mostly used for big muscles at thigh, calf, etc.

Ball Attachment Of Massage Gun
Ball Attachment
Impact Level: 5/10

Mostly used for big muscles. Perfectly used for people who workout and with big muscles

Flat Attachment Of Massage Gun
Flat Attachment
Impact Level: 6/10

Mostly used for all body parts. Perfectly used for ordinary individuals

Air Cusion Attachment Of Massage Gun
Air Cusion Attachment
Impact Level: 8/10

Mostly used for weak body parts. Perfectly used for body parts are fragile.

U-shaped Attachment Of Massage Gun
U-shaped Attachment
Impact Level: 8/10

Mostly used for body parts like muscle on shoulder. Perfectly used for spine.

Bullet Attachment Of Massage Gun
Bullet Attachment
Impact Level : 10/10

Mostly used for body parts that need to massage with more strength.

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