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Long days at a desk, Long time phone use will cause the cervical spine to be passively pulled up for a long time, causing excessive tension in the neck muscles and poor blood circulation. After a long time, it will cause chronic muscle strain and cervical spine deformation. In severe cases, it will affect the blood supply to the brain, causing headaches and dizziness.


The Beoka Neck massager uses low-frequency pulse massage technology to stimulate muscle cells and stimulate sensory nerve fibers through the skin to relieve muscle soreness. Rapid heating temperature technology promotes blood circulation, accelerates local metabolism, and drives away fatigue.


Massage a few minutes a day to soothe your sore neck, helping you feel more relaxed. 

What Neck Massager Frequency Works Best?

What Neck Massager Frequency Works Best?

Rhythmic contraction of the flesh occurs after electrical stimulation. The pumping effect of muscle contraction can enhance muscle blood circulation, reduce edema, improve nutrition, prevent, delay or reduce the occurrence of muscle atrophy, and prevent fibrosis, sclerosis, and contracture.

Before using the electric massage, wet the neck skin in contact with the massage electrode with wet towel paper or wet towel, and then wet the stainless steel electrode. Otherwise, the skin contact impedance will be large due to dry skin, resulting in acupuncture sensation or no obvious electric massage.

Special attention shall be paid when using the hot compress function in the same part for a long time (more than 15 minutes), which may cause low-temperature scald.

Do not use it in the same place for a long time (more than 30 minutes), otherwise, it may cause neck muscle fatigue and discomfort. This product is a family massage product, not for commercial use, not for medical use.

The Difference Between The Neck Massager And Pro+ Massage Gun

There are many different types of neck massagers and massage guns on the market, so it is important to know how to use them.

Neck massagers are portable devices that apply pressure and low-frequency pulse massage to help reduce tension in the neck and shoulders.

The massage gun can only make the massager vibrate on the muscles. Avoid joints and bones. Using a massage gun to directly cover any part of the spine, including the neck. If there is pain in that area, it is recommended to use a massage gun against the upper trapezius muscle, which is the big chunk of muscle above the shoulder.

The Difference Between The Neck Massager And Pro+ Massage Gun
The Technology Of Neck Massager?

The Technology Of Neck Massager?

Sequential output adopts the technology of alternating output of four electrodes according to the time sequence, and the different electrodes are alternately combined to realize all-round movement and comfortable massage of the neck.

Four massage modes, each of which adopts low-frequency current with different pulse width, waveform, and repetition frequency, including relaxation mode, fatigue mode, automatic mode, and 3D mode respectively.

Fitting design: according to the principle of ergonomics, the massage electrode adopts the elastic design of surrounding fitting, and automatically adjusts the fitting angle according to the curve of the different neck, so as to make the electrode closely contact with the skin, prevent the electric stimulation caused by poor contact, and make the massage more comfortable.

Constant temperature design, adopting intelligent constant temperature technology, can automatically realize constant temperature function according to the ambient temperature.

Safety and convenience, lithium battery safety management system, with input voltage protection, overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, short circuit protection, etc. A variety of protection methods for the battery in a variety of harsh environments and extreme operating conditions provide a very strong security guarantee.

The Technology Of Neck Massager?
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