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Medium Frequency Current In Physiotherapy

Intermediate frequency electrotherapy is the application of alternating current (including sine wave, pulse wave and modulated wave, etc.) with a frequency of 1kHz-100kHz for treatment and rehabilitation.

At present, in the physical therapy industry, intermediate frequency electrical therapy is mainly divided into equal amplitude intermediate frequency electrical therapy, low frequency modulation intermediate frequency electrical therapy and interference electrical therapy.

The purpose of modulating the intermediate frequency and interference current is to use the carrier as the intermediate frequency current and its strong penetrating power to send the modulated wave or interference wave into the human body to achieve the effect of deep treatment.

Medium Frequency Current In Physiotherapy
Medium Frequency Current In Physiotherapy

Specification Of Medium Frequency Current In Physiotherapy

9 waveforms
Humanoid massage
Medium frequency
ABS material
Digital LED screen

Effects Of Medium Frequency Current In Physiotherapy

  1. Analgesic effect.

  2. Improve local blood circulation and promote inflammation to dissipate.

  3. Soften scars and loosen adhesions: Intermediate frequency current can expand the gap between cells and tissues, loosen adhesions and connective tissue fibers, muscle fibers, and nerve fibers.

  4. Exciting neuromuscular tissue: low-frequency modulated waves or interference waves can change the ion permeability of cell membranes, leading to changes in the internal and external polarity of the cell membranes, depolarizing the membrane potential and forming action potentials, thereby exciting the nerves and muscles and producing muscle contractions.

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