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Joint Massager

Beoka Joint massager series simulate real human massage, they use constant temperature hot compress for making deep massage penetration on the knee. Their main material is PP, ABS, sponge with Chinese premium quality batteries.


Mini joint massager is the most popular item. Using 3D dynamic circulatory compression and 3-level constant temperature hot compress, 24 massage points, coupled with air pressure massage, it is stable and more effective to promote human blood circulation. Mini appearance increases its popularity.D2 Knee massager is also very welcome by Public, it uses TENS massage technology with a variety of massage modes and has 6-level constant temperature hot compress and three-stage pressure adjustable.


If you have blood circulation problems in your knees or you want to show your filial piety to your parents, a knee massager is a very good choice. It relieves the pressure of the knee joint, reduces swelling, and promote local blood circulation.

How Do We Use Joint Massager Step-by-Step?

How Do We Use Joint Massager Step-by-Step?

1. Press the "Switch" button, the display is on, and the boot is successful;

2. Choose the massage time;

3. Select the heating gear;

4. Pick the air pressure mode;

5. Work out the pulse massage mode and intensity;

6. After the countdown massage process is over, it will stop automatically and give voice prompts;

7. The massage process can be manually operated to end earlier;

8. After the massage is over, press the "Switch" button to shut down;

9. In the power-on state, if there is no operation for 30 seconds and no function is turned on, the product automatically shut-down.

The Difference Between The D1 Knee Massager And D2 Knee Massager

D2 is a luxurious upgraded version of  D1

1. Color: D2 upgrade color from white to gold, D2's golden color is more popular than D1's white type.

2. D2 has electrodes inside, which can support electrotherapy, D1 does not support such treatment.

3. Effect: D2 increases low-frequency electrotherapy, the current is not easy to pass through the air gap between the electrode and the skin, it has a better function of dredging the meridians, activating blood, and removing blood stasis, relieving pain, and relaxing muscles than D1 knee massager.

The Difference Between The D1 Knee Massager And D2 Knee Massager
Do Joint Massagers Work?

Do Joint Massagers Work?

Sitting for a long time, wearing high heels for commuting, temperature dropping drastically in winter,too long exercising is easy to cause the knee muscles and blood vessels to contract.


Knee massager Use TENS massage technology for massage, and it has heating and pressure adjustment functions, which can promote blood circulation, and the sedentary calf can also reduce swelling faster. In this way, the blood can be ventilated in a short time. It is very comfortable and easy to use!

Do Joint Massagers Work?
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