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QL/IPC-A1 Air Compression Leg Massager For Circulation

Compression therapy refers to the application of pressure on the limbs in order to achieve a kind of therapy for disease treatment. Through passive and uniform massage, with the acceleration of blood circulation, the absorption of metabolic wastes, inflammatory factors, and pain-causing factors in the blood can be accelerated. The leg compression massager machine can prevent muscle atrophy, prevent muscle fibrosis, strengthen the oxygen content of the limbs, and help solve diseases caused by blood circulation disorders.

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ankle and calf massager
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Specification Of QL/IPC-A1 Air Compression Leg Massager For Circulation

LCD screen
Detachable fabric in the limb sleeve, easy to clean
Special air pump, low noise, low vibration, fast inflating speed
The sensor measures the real pressure of the sleeve in real time
4 air bag pressure for one sleeve
With automatic pressure relief and manual pressure relief protection functions

Effects Of QL/IPC-A1 Air Compression Leg Massager For Circulation

1. Increase the hydrostatic pressure of tissue fluid, forcing the backflow of venous blood and lymph.

2. Similar to the ACM-A1 machine for leg pain relief series, QL/IPC-A1 leg compression massager can also promote the return of stasis of venous blood and lymph, strengthen arterial perfusion, improve blood circulation in the diseased area, dilute pain and inflammatory factors, and promote the absorption of exudates.

3. Eliminate edema, promote healing, prevent muscle atrophy, and improve peripheral blood vessel function.

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