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ACM-A1 Shiatsu Leg Massager with Heat For Leg Pain

Beoka shiatsu leg pain relief massager machine with heat is professional in 4 ways:

  • This leg pain massager machine is the Optimized result of the boot recovery system. This main device that controls the leg pain reliever machine is much smaller than the boot recovery system, which makes it so much easier to carry around. And with the invisible air pipe, the vibration machine for leg pain relief looks nicer.

  • With just one button, the massager for thigh pain is very convenient to operate the device. This shiatsu calf massager is more portable, which is a device for individuals.

  • The removable battery of this leg pain reliever machine makes the charging so much easier.

  • 5 massage modes of the leg pain relief machine can provide you with the best massage.

leg pain relief machine
leg pain relief machine
leg pain massager machine

Leg Pain Relief Massager Machine Design Features 

  • Variable Mode

To give you a full massage, the leg pain reliever machine basically goes through a series of functions that vary depending on the pattern you choose. There are five modes to choose from, each giving the corresponding light and color in the instructions, with a preset massage period.

  • Heat

When the power starts, the massager machine for leg pain relief automatically turns on its temperature setting to increase massage comfort and enhance blood circulation. 

  • Vibration Rolling Massage

This vibration machine for leg pain has a vibration button for high or low settings or for vibration-free options. All variable modes include vibration, unless you specifically turn it off.

ACM-A1 Shiatsu Leg Massager with Heat for Leg Pain Relief Specification

Modern leg pain relief massager machine offers a soothing massage. Most shiatsu leg massagers with heat have a variety of characteristics that allow you to define the type and intensity of the leg pain relief machine you want at any time. Beoka leg pain massager machine is useful for all ages. These home massage equipment are simple to operate, light and small, and ideal for every Indian family. Here are some real technical specifications of our leg pain reliever machine.

Rated voltageDC.7.4V
Rated power10W
Battery capacity1000mAh
Input2V, 2A
Maximum pressure130mmgh
WeightAbout 0.2kg
Operating modes5 massage modes acceptable
ChargingUSB TYPE-C
Battery lifeContinuous working time≥1h after fully charged

ACM-A1 Shiatsu Leg Massager with Heat for Leg Pain Effects

This leg massager for sale can promote the return of stasis of venous blood and lymph fluid, strengthen arterial perfusion, improve blood circulation in the diseased area, dilute pain and inflammatory factors, and promote the absorption of exudate. It has the effect of eliminating edema, promoting healing, preventing muscle atrophy, and improving peripheral blood vessel function.

Shiatsu Leg Massager with Heat for Leg Pain Benefits


Using a leg pain relief machine can help to relax your sore muscles. 


People with anxiety and depression can benefit from a shiatsu leg massager with heat for leg because it can calm you down and improve your mood.

Nervous System

Leg massage is great for your nerves and helps relieve any numbness, weakness and pain.


Electric leg massager help regulate blood flow, delivering oxygen to different parts of the body to relieving different types of pain.

Blood Circulation

Shiatsu leg massager for leg pain is available to optimize the internal oxygen supply by regulating blood flow.

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