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Kunming CMEF 78th China International Medical Equipment (autumn) Fair Ended Successfully

The 78th China International Medical Equipment (Autumn) Expo ended successfully at Kunming Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center. China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF), founded in 1979, is held twice a year in spring and autumn. After 38 years of continuous innovation and self-improvement, it has become the largest exhibition of medical equipment and related products and services in the Asia-Pacific region.

As an exhibitor who has never been absent over the years, Beoka would like to express our sincere thanks to everyone for your trust in us, as well as your support and understanding during the exhibition, and thank you for your company along the way!


The four-day gathering was beautiful but short-lived. Everyone must have gained a lot, and Beoka also received full praise as always. Looking back at the exhibition period, first of all, Beoka made a big debut with its self-developed dry spa treatment bed. The localization of this spa treatment bed broke the monopoly of such products by foreign manufacturers. High-quality products and services have attracted a large number of professional visitors to consult and experience, and have been highly recognized by customers.


1. Beoka Massage Spa Bed

Dry massage spa bed hydromassage, body relaxation, water pressure massage, multiple massage modes intelligent heating system, human-like ergonomic design. Secondly, Beikang launched a new DMS model, which is novel in design and made of stainless steel, ABS, acrylic, injection molding, molding, rubber coating, wire cutting and other materials and processes, which not only greatly reduces the weight of the product itself , and more user-friendly design, making it easier to operate and use.

2. Beoka's well-known product: Intermediate Frequency Electrotherapy Apparatus

In order to make many previous IF products easy to move between hospital wards and beds, the designer team specially equipped them with "walking feet". With the theme of blooming flowers, the cart forms a stable and beautiful cart chassis, equipped with silent casters, so that the cart is as soft as a filament when going back and forth between wards. Each product has a matching product tray, so that each product can be combined with the cart.


Of course, the handheld and portable intermediate frequency in the family of intermediate frequency electrotherapy instruments also provides a better solution for the mobile treatment of intermediate frequency products. Due to power constraints, previous IF products could not be held in hand like mobile phones and used anytime and anywhere. Now, the handheld intermediate frequency electrotherapy instrument launched by Beoka realizes the scene of being used in the hand while realizing the high power of the intermediate frequency. It is powered by batteries, and there is no need to connect the power cord when using it, which greatly improves the convenience of use.

In addition to the above products, Beoka's intermediate frequency interference generator (intermediate frequency electrotherapy device), automatic constant temperature wax therapy machine, air wave pressure therapy device, muscle massager device and other products are also favored by customers as always.

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