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Beoka, massage gun manufacturer specialized in OEM& ODM from China with over 20 years,

1)having own brand, 30+ physical stores,two factories, 800-1000staffs.

2) Also partner of the Tokyo Olympic in 2021

3).Patent: Global TOP 1, China TOP 2 in massage gun industry (2021,9)

4)Certificates are  ISO9001 and ISO13485,FDA , FCC, CE , ROHS,KC and Japanese PSE

5)Cooperating brands are HUAWEI,RENPHO,BOB&Brad and so on.

Inviting you to attend The 132nd Conton Fair Online Exhibition on October 15-24   

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Feb 08-2023
Master the Method and Relax Immediately After Exercising in Summer
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How to Improve the Symptoms of Muscle and Soft Tissue Pain?
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