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Is A Fascia Gun Worth Buying?

What is the origin of the fascia gun that has been popular on the whole network in recent years? There are mixed opinions on the Internet. Some people say that it looks like the middle-aged and elderly vibrating massager popular a few years ago. The strength may not be as big as a fist, so it should be useless! Some people say that using a fascia gun to relax the muscles after exercise seems to have a small effect, but if you want more effects, you won't be able to see it. Are these claims true?

Does the fascia gun have any effect on relaxing muscles?

Fascia gun, in fact, should be called "muscle massager" or "muscle massager" to be precise. It was born out of the Deep Muscle Stimulator (DMS) used in rehabilitation hospitals. It has changed from a piece of large-scale medical equipment that requires professional doctors to operate into a fascia gun that everyone can hold in the mass market.

The principle of action of this massage appliance and DMS is roughly the same. Through rapid and continuous mechanical vertical rhythm, it can act on the deep muscles and soft tissues of the human body, allowing muscle fibers to repeatedly stretch and contract, expel metabolites so that the muscles automatically stop sending pain signals to achieve effective relief The effect of muscle soreness.

In terms of process design, the fascia gun is generally equipped with a variety of massage heads, which can take care of every muscle group. For example, a portable fascia gun will be equipped with a standard round head, which is suitable for routine relaxation of large muscle groups such as arms, lower back, and legs; a small flathead, suitable for massaging and relaxing the muscles of the whole body; a U-shaped head, suitable for both sides of the spine Muscle relaxation massage; small round head, suitable for massage on the trigger point, with more concentrated strength; shock-absorbing head, suitable for soft tissue and sensitive muscles, with more relaxed strength.

Portable fascia guns on the market generally have an amplitude of up to 8mm and have a multi-speed adjustment function. Generally, it is 2000-3200 rpm, and the vibration frequency is basically 60Hz and below, which can achieve the effect of not shaking hands, deeply mute, relaxing muscles, and soothing fascia. It can be seen that the fascia gun can be said to be very different from the middle-aged and elderly vibrating massager which only has a simple vibration function. Its effect on deep muscle tissue is not comparable to the above-mentioned traditional muscle relaxation methods.

A CCTV reporter once interviewed Chen Wenhua, chairman of the Rehabilitation Committee of the Chinese Society of Rehabilitation Medicine. Director Chen said: "The fascia gun can promote muscle and surrounding soft tissue recovery or eliminate fatigue through vibration, and indirectly affect tissue repair."

In a report reprinted on the official website of the State General Administration of Sport of China, Zhou Jingbin, director of the Sports Trauma Department of the Institute of Sports Medicine of the State General Administration of Sport and a member of the Expert Advisory Committee of the Healthy China Action Promotion Committee, also said: “The more popular tendons are now The membrane gun is used to relax tense muscles, promote local lactic acid metabolism, reduce muscle soreness, and at the same time allow muscles to get a full relaxation. It is suitable for use after exercise, and it is best to have professional guidance."

Fascia gun relaxes muscles quickly and effectively to relieve fatigue!

An all-media reporter of the Guangzhou Daily once interviewed Li Jieruo, the deputy chief physician of the Sports Medicine Center of the First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University. Dr. Li introduced the role of the fascia gun after being used correctly:

①Before exercise, use the fascia gun to quickly hit the muscles to be exercised so that the temperature and blood flow of the muscles will increase, which will help to achieve the effect of rapid warm-up.

②Use the fascia gun between the two sets of exercises to activate the tired muscles again and prepare for the next set of exercises.

③Using a fascia gun after exercise, according to the principle of trigger points, impacts the muscles after exercise to achieve the purpose of assisting the metabolism of lactic acid and reducing muscle tension.

In this way, using a fascia gun to hit the sore muscles of the whole body, which often only takes a few minutes, can reduce the symptoms of muscle stiffness and pain the next day. Therefore, for people who want to relax their muscles quickly, effectively, and deeply, the fascia gun is actually a very good choice!

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