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In-depth Analysis of the Core Technology of Fascia Gun

In recent years, footage of athletes and celebrities using massage guns to relax their muscles during half-time breaks and variety shows has become increasingly common. Behind the booming market for massage guns, some people may wonder whether they actually work and how to choose a good one.


Smart massage guns can precisely help relieve discomfort after exercise. They use a high-speed motor to drive the "head" and generate high-frequency vibrations, which work on the skin, fat, fascia, and muscles to relax muscles and relieve muscle tension. In essence, the massage gun can be understood as a type of impact-relaxation device. Therefore, the massage gun can help us effectively relax our muscles. So how do ordinary consumers choose a massage gun?

Smart massage guns have sensorless brushless motors

The motor is the heart of a massage gun, which affects the strength, depth, and pressure resistance of the gun, as well as whether the gun shakes during use and its lifespan.

Beoka massage guns use high-quality materials and customized brushless motors with long lifespan and high torque to ensure real-time monitoring and feedback of motor speed, adjust power balance to the optimal value, and output strong thrust. The motor's lifespan is extremely long, and it costs 5 to 10 times more than ordinary brushed motors.


Smart massage guns use first-class Li-SOCl2 power batteries

Beoka massage guns use Li-SOCl2 power batteries made by first-class brand Lishen. These batteries can increase the instant current during load work, provide strong power for the motor, and help the output striking force penetrate deep into the muscle fascia. These batteries are guaranteed to be original, ensuring more than 80% energy storage after 500 charge and discharge cycles.

To strictly control battery safety, Beoka also uses advanced intelligent control chips to provide multiple protections for the battery's software and hardware to prevent overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, and overheat, which can burn out the motor and IC components. This design ensures stable and accurate output force, making the massage gun safer to use.

Smart massage guns have high speed and low noise

Beoka massage guns use a silent bearing with high-temperature resistance and grease lubrication to reduce friction and minimize vibrations caused by the high-precision motor shell, which reduces the noise from the gun while ensuring high speed. Moreover, the massage gun uses high-precision piston shafts, machined guide sleeves, CNC-machined transmission arms, and eccentric wheels, which are combined with the product's mechanical structure to reach the perfect balance of high speed and low noise.

Smart massage guns use flame-retardant ABS plastic shells

The shells of Beoka massage guns are made of ABS plastic, a thermoplastic polymer material widely used in the industrial sector for its high heat resistance, impact resistance, and environmental protection. The shell's ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, reduces the gun's vibrations, and makes the massage gun long-lasting.

Beoka is a national high-tech enterprise dedicated to innovating health products with "rehabilitation technology for life care" as its mission. With more than 20 years of R&D, production, and sales experience in the field of rehabilitation medicine, the company has over 300 patents covering areas such as electrotherapy, kinetic therapy, thermal therapy, oxygen therapy, and hydrotherapy. Its main products include medium-frequency electrotherapy equipment, portable deep muscle massage guns, air wave pressure therapy equipment, fully automatic constant temperature wax therapy machines, portable oxygen machines, portable air-pressure massage systems, steam therapy machines, percutaneous nerve electrical stimulation equipment, nerve-muscle electrical stimulation equipment, joint massage equipment, neck massage equipment, and dry hydrotherapy beds.

With over 20 years of experience in rehabilitation medicine, Beoka is working to create an international leading professional brand for rehabilitation and sports recovery that covers individuals, families, and hospitals.

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