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Improve Leg Circulation with Calf Massager

It is said that "legs are the second heart of the human body", have you ever wondered why? After exercise and fitness, we often feel muscle pain and discomfort; after long hours of driving, our legs become sore and swollen; and when we sit or stand for long periods of time, poor blood circulation can also cause cold hands and feet.

Our legs not only bear the weight of our entire body, but also have rich meridians that connect to many major circulatory tissues in our body. However, our legs are the farthest from our heart, and once blood and lymphatic fluids flow back slowly and circulation is poor, various discomforts can occur.

Regular leg massage can not only relax muscles, accelerate the elimination of lactic acid metabolites, and relieve fatigue, but also promote blood circulation and improve cold hands and feet, making our body more energetic! So, what are some methods for massaging our legs in our daily lives?

Recently, Beoka has launched a new-generation smart portable leg massage device, the portable pneumatic massager system ACM-A1! It targets all the pain points mentioned above by simulating intermittent pneumatic compression that mimics human hand massage, allowing you to enjoy professional and comfortable leg care at home or anywhere.


New product: portable pneumatic massager device system ACM-A1

The portable calf massager for circulation applies cyclic and orderly inflation and deflation of multiple airbags to create a circulation pressure on limbs and tissues. This evenly and orderly squeezes from the distal end to the proximal end of the limbs, effectively promoting blood and lymphatic fluid flow and improving microcirculation. It also accelerates the flow of lymph and blood, thus alleviating muscle fatigue.

Why does repeated inflation and deflation achieve such an effect? The principle is simple. By repeatedly inflating and deflating the airbags, it simulates the contraction and relaxation of the muscles, just like a "water pump" often found in daily life. 

When the airbags are inflated and pressurized, venous blood and lymphatic fluid will be squeezed towards the proximal end, promoting the drainage of venous congestions and returning the accumulated venous blood and lymphatic fluid back to the normal blood circulation. When the pressure is released by deflating the airbags, blood and tissue fluid can quickly flow back, thereby accelerating arterial blood supply and increasing blood flow and speed, ultimately achieving leg relaxation.

Who is suitable for the portable pneumatic massager device system?

Fitness enthusiasts

Warm-up before exercise, and relax muscles after exercise.

Office workers

Calm down and relieve fatigue after sitting for a long time.

School teachers

Relieve leg soreness from standing for a long time.

Long-distance drivers

Promote leg blood circulation.

Sales personnel

Deeply massage sore muscles.

In the fast-paced urban life, we are all tired from work and life, and our bodies will experience varying degrees of sub-health. Therefore, the design of Beoka's portable pneumatic calf massager for circulation with its 3 modes and 5 overlapping air sacs, is suitable for the daily use of most people.

Modes of the portable pneumatic massager device system

Fatigue relief

Can relieve leg muscle soreness for people who stand or walk for long periods of time. In one cycle of inflation and deflation, pressure will be applied from the first sac of the distal end to the fifth sac of the proximal end in an orderly sequence, effectively promoting blood circulation in the lower limbs and relieving muscle fatigue.

Sports recovery

Especially suitable for fitness enthusiasts to relax muscles after exercise. Unlike Mode 1, Mode 2 inflates/deflates the air sacs from the first sac of the distal end to the proximal end in pairs, cycling and squeezing to achieve the effect of sports recovery.

Deep care

If you sit for long periods of time, have little exercise, and experience soft tissue stiffness, this mode is ideal for deep care in your daily life.

Under this mode, pressure is first applied from the first sac of the distal end in pairs to the proximal end, and then from the first and second sacs in pairs to the fifth sacs by continuous stacking. By alternating between these two steps, our leg muscles can be more deeply stretched and relaxed.

How to operate the portable pneumatic massager device system

Switching between the three modes is also very simple. It supports smart control of Hongmeng Intelligent Connection/mini-program, and with the Beoka APP, you can independently adjust the pressure of each air chamber. After use, the mechanical one-key pressure release quickly deflates the 5-chamber air sac, making storage easy and effortless. We can simply lie down comfortably, watch TV shows, read books or play games while enjoying the leg massage. Use it anytime, anywhere.

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