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How to Use the Neck Massager?

The neck massager can remove the edema and hematoma of the joint capsule, relax the muscle and ligament, reset the deformed and displaced joint, promote the regeneration of nerve function, and repair the tissue function. Neck massagers use digital technology, which is widely used in the healthcare industry today. The neck massager can stimulate and regulate the biological effects of the meridians, guide the circulation of qi and blood, improve the internal environment of the human body, and change the state of qi and blood disorders in the lesion area, so as to achieve the effect of treating both the symptoms and the root causes.

1. Main features of neck massager

(1) Various massages such as acupressure, acupoints, multi-point and contact massage can be performed at the same time.

(2) With soft far-infrared function, it is comfortable and practical

(3) The massage head integrates the function of magnetic therapy, creating a new built-in health care magnet.

(4) Ergonomic design, the streamline handle can be non-slip, which can satisfy massage at any angle and position.

(5) This product has high power and high efficiency. It has strong and weak gears or infinitely variable speed to adjust the massage intensity. The massage head is made of non-toxic ABS, which is suitable for all parts of the body; it changes the limit of traditional massage equipment that only has large and weak blocks. Let you use more convenient and more comfortable.

2. The function of neck massager

The neck massager is small and the hand massage pillow is a newly developed health care product that integrates traditional meridian massage and modern medical massage principles. It has two techniques of massage and percussion, which can be selected at will, and can be massaged and percussion massaged on many parts of the body. It can effectively replace manual massage, stretch the tense muscles, bones and muscles of the whole body, reduce the tension and oppression of the human body, make the whole body very comfortable, and can promote the blood circulation of the whole body and speed up the metabolism, so as to achieve the effect of disease prevention and health care. Two groups of infrared warm moxibustion methods promote metabolism, enhance blood circulation, relieve neuralgia, and eliminate muscle fatigue; regulate qi and nourish blood, adjust visceral function, and enhance human immunity.

At the same time, its unique stepless speed regulation does not divide the number of gears. The speed can be manually adjusted according to individual body needs, allowing users to enjoy a more reasonable massage pleasure. There is also an automatic sensor in the machine. When the speed regulation has reached the limit, if you are not satisfied with your body's need to increase the strength, as long as your body leans on the massage pad, the automatic sensor can increase the strength according to the pressure of your body.

The function of thermal protection can avoid the burnout caused by overheating of the machine, and it will automatically stop protecting the machine when it reaches a certain temperature. After cooling, it can be operated again, and massage can be performed on the shoulders, neck, back, waist, abdomen, legs, feet, soles and other parts. The neck massager has the functions of massage, percussion and far-infrared, which can effectively replace manual massage, stretch the tense muscles, bones and muscles of the whole body, reduce the tension and oppression of the human body, promote the blood circulation of the whole body, speed up the metabolism, so as to  to achieve the effect of disease prevention, health care and physical strength.

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