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Hip Massage Gun

Hip Massage Gun

Long-term sitting, occupational diseases or fasciitis can cause hip muscle pain.

The soreness is often due to the tension of the waist and hip. We must first relax the hip with a massage gun. The buttocks are divided into superficial gluteus maximus, deep gluteus medius and gluteus minimus.

You can perform all parts to relax.

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How To Use Massage Gun On Hip


First relax the gluteus medius muscle horizontally, if it is itchy, you can put a towel on it


Then relax the gluteus maximus obliquely, there are more buttocks muscles, you can slightly increase the strength when you relax


If you have obvious soreness, you can relax a few more times to master your attention


Finally relax along the back of the buttocks and apply pressure to massage the deep muscles

Recommended Massage Gun Attachment Head For Your Hip

  • For big muscles: big round massage head

  • For bigger muscles: round massage head

  • For regular body parts: flat massage head

  • For tight spots: bullet massage head

  • For muscle around the shoulder and spinal area: U-shaped massage head

  • For weak body parts: shock-absorption massage head

Impact Level: 8/10
U-shaped Attachment
Impact Level: 10/10
Bullet Attachment

Tips For Using A Massage Gun On Your Hip

Tips For Using A Massage Gun On Your Hip
Tips 1

Control the intensity within the range that you can tolerate and control the time within 5 minute

Tips For Using A Massage Gun On Your Hip
Tips 2

And perform multiple pressure test massages at the pain points. 

Tips For Using A Massage Gun On Your Hip
Tips 3

The hips relaxation beating is mainly along the muscle from the top down oblique or from the bottom up oblique beat.

Video Of Massage Gun For Hip Pain

Video Of Massage Gun For Hip Pain


First choose the right massage head for different positions


Turn on the switch and use the fascia gun head to hold the muscle position to enhance the penetration and massage effect through resonance.


There is no need to apply too much external force to press, and do not hit at the same position for too long. It is advisable to use the same part for a total of 3-5 minutes for multiple times. Move and walk slowly in different positions with a certain amount of thrust.


Strike along the texture and direction of the muscles.


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