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Guide to Choosing a Fascia Gun

Beoka fascia gun selects high-quality materials and customizes a long-life, high-torque brushless motor, with more powerful performance, superior core performance and longer lifespan.

Beoka fascia gun exclusively customized a sensing brushless motor

Advantages and disadvantages of sensing brushless motor (Beoka fascia gun)

Real-time monitoring feedback of motor speed and speed adjustment, adjust the balance of motor power to the best value, output strong thrust, long motor life, high price, and 5-10 times the brushless motor.

Advantages and disadvantages of sensorless brushless motor (other fascia guns)

Large measurement error, unable to provide real-time feedback of motor speed, magnetic pollution caused by this will affect the battery life of fascia gun, output thrust is relatively small, motor life is long, and the price is cheaper compared to the sensing brushless motor.

Advantages and disadvantages of brushed motors (other fascia guns)

The advantages of brushless motors over brushed motors: high efficiency, low noise, long life, high reliability, and greater power.


Left: Beoka fascia gun brushless motor

Right: Other brands of fascia gun brushed motor

Beoka fascia gun selects high-precision housing

Ensure high-speed operation balance without shaking hands for a long time

There is a certain assembly clearance between the motor bearings and different components of the fascia gun, which causes certain vibration of the fascia gun during high-speed operation. The precision tolerance deviation of the motor housing of ordinary fascia guns is large, and the motor vibration, noise, and heat generation will be more serious.

The high-precision housing is more excellent in dynamic balance design. The high-precision housing adopted by Beoka fascia gun has been precisely measured, designed and processed, and its true roundness and jump index have reached the extreme, minimizing the vibration of the entire machine, and the comfort experience is far better than ordinary fascia guns, truly ensuring that users can operate the fascia gun for a long time without shaking their hands.

Beoka fascia gun has high coercivity magnet

Maintain strong power of the motor

Magnet is the core of the motor. Beoka chooses the top 50 magnet suppliers in the world to avoid the weakening of the motor power due to the demagnetization caused by the temperature rise of the motor during high-speed operation, and always maintains the strong power of the motor.

The brushless motor contains magnets, and Beoka chooses high-grade neodymium iron boron magnets. Compared with the magnets of ordinary brushless motors, high-grade magnets have higher hardness, higher demagnetization temperature, and greater magnetism. Beoka's brushless motor uses high-grade magnets, and its performance is naturally better than ordinary fascia gun motor, with a longer lifespan.

Beoka fascia gun has precision wire core cable

Continuously output strong and abundant power

3-phase · 10-level motor precision cabling ensures that the wire core is flat and avoids scratches on the wire core during motor operation, causing an electromagnetic brake short circuit, thereby extending the life of the motor and ensuring strong and abundant power output.

Beoka's fascia gun sensing brushless motor adopts servo precision cabling technology. Compared with other fascia gun motors, Beoka motor winds more wires and has greater power in the same space.


3-phase · 10-level precision cabling

Beoka fascia gun customized intelligent control chip

Ensure stable power output

Beoka applies customized intelligent control chips to compensate for the stall torque of the motor algorithm, ensuring that the motor always maintains a uniform and high-speed rotation speed, outputting balanced and strong and lasting power, and making the efforts to control the tremor amplitude of the fascia gun to the extreme, giving users the best using experience!

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