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Fascia Gun Encyclopedia: How to Perform Scientific Massage After Exercise?

In recent years, people have paid more and more attention to exercise and health, but many people often experience muscle soreness after exercise, which generally takes 3-7 days to self-relieve and disappear, which is called "delayed onset muscle soreness".

Therefore, when the nerves remain excited after exercise, if muscle relaxation is not done in a timely manner, it will affect the continuous tension and contraction of the muscles, making the fascia unable to continue to bear external forces and causing sports injuries, and local inflammation. In this way, the problem of muscle soreness makes it even more difficult for people who are already not easy to adhere to long-term exercise, to get good exercise. Therefore, we can see the importance of scientific massage after exercise! So, how should we relax our muscles through massage in our daily lives?

Advantages of mini fascia gun massage

There are many traditional ways to relax muscles, including manual massage, stretching exercises, and the use of auxiliary tools such as foam rollers and massage rollers for muscle massage. However, these methods also have obvious shortcomings: manual massage cannot be completed by a single person, often having high single-use fees, and the massage is difficult to act on deep muscles in the body, unable to achieve deep relaxation; stretching exercises are difficult to focus on local muscles, and it is easy to incomplete due to improper movements; Foam rollers, massage rollers, and other tools are inconvenient to carry when going out, and the applicable parts are actually limited, and massage can only act on superficial muscles and fascia.

It is precisely because of the limitations of these massage methods that a new type of portable muscle massage device-mini fascia gun has emerged on the market in recent years! It evolved from the deep muscle stimulation device (DMS) used in rehabilitation hospitals, which requires professional doctors to operate large medical special equipment, to a handheld massage tool that everyone can use. Once it came out, it was warmly welcomed by fitness enthusiasts.

The journal of sporting goods and technology once published a study on fascia guns, confirming its excellent massage effect: fascia guns are effective in relieving fatigue, combing fascia, relaxing muscles and activating them. It can be used in the field of sports training as well as in rehabilitation field, due to its various massage heads and adjustable massage angles, the mini fascia gun has more advantages than the deep muscle stimulation device, and it is more widely used.


How to use the mini fascia gun for massage?

So, how should we use the fascia gun for scientific massage after exercise? In response to this issue, the news outlet "The Paper" interviewed Hou Xihe, a sports science expert at the Shanghai University of Sport and the team doctor of the Chinese long-distance running team. Dr. Hou said that:

The large round head of the fascia gun is generally used on the shoulders, back, hips, and thighs; the small round head is used on arms, calves, and other large muscle areas. The fascia gun should be used along the muscle texture and fascia direction of the body, and should not only be aimed at the sore points of the muscles. The duration of use for each part should not exceed 3 to 5 minutes.

The impact of the fascia gun is strong and can only be used on areas of the body containing more muscle, such as the back, shoulders, and legs. In areas with a large number of nerves and blood vessels and less muscle content, there are not enough muscles to absorb the impact of the fascia gun, which easily causes damage to blood vessels or nerves. Therefore, the fascia gun should not be used in areas such as the head and neck, spine, where there are many blood vessels and nerve distributions. It is also not advisable to use the fascia gun when there is an acute injury, as it can easily cause more tissue fluid leakage and swelling.

A healthy lifestyle can't be separated from effective exercise, and muscle relaxation after exercise can't be separated from scientific massage. Mastering the correct use of the mini fascia gun can effectively relax muscles and alleviate fatigue!

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