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Effectiveness of the Portable Muscle Massager

Both professional athletes and ordinary sports enthusiasts are prone to sports muscle fatigue after exercise. The traditional treatment effect is not only unsatisfactory and slow, but also prone to skin discomfort, or due to the higher technical requirements of the therapist. It is susceptible to human factors and cannot ensure that the treatment will penetrate deep into the muscle tissue and effectively relieve muscle fatigue. The portable fascia relaxation impact instrument through vibration relaxation is better than traditional general methods in relieving immediate local muscle fatigue. Let's take a look at the evaluation of the effect of the portable muscle home massage equipment in alleviating the immediate exercise fatigue of the deltoid muscle under different lengths of time.

1. Test results of the portable muscle massager

By using a portable muscle massager to perform fascia relaxation, the fascia relaxation treatment at different lengths of time provides a guide for athletes to relax their muscles and fascia after exercise. The experimental research results show that after 60S vibration relaxation, the physical properties of the deltoid muscle center have been restored significantly. However, the conventional vibration relaxation after 90S results in no significant changes in electromyography and muscle physical properties, indicating that 60S vibration relaxation can achieve the best effect of relieving muscle fatigue.

2. Reference values of the use time of the portable muscle massager

As a new relaxation method, the portable muscle fascia impact instrument can not only effectively eliminate muscle fatigue and restore muscle strength, but also has a significant effect on improving muscle and tendon flexibility and stiffness. A handheld percussion massage gun can be used for vibration relaxation of portable muscle massagers under different lengths of time. The effect of relieving muscle exercise fatigue is different. Vibration relaxation for a certain period of time significantly restores the EMG, MF, and MPF of fatigued muscles (P<0.05); at the same time, the portable muscle massager greatly restores muscle stiffness, flexibility, and muscle strength (P<0.01) ). At the same time, it was verified that after a certain period of time, the relaxation effect did not change significantly, proving that the overtime relaxation of the portable muscle massager may lead to an overwhelming effect. The experiment also clarified how the muscle fascial relaxation technique can achieve the best relaxation effect with the least time cost. At the same time, it also avoids the negative effects of super-long relaxation, and provides a certain reference value and guiding significance for athletes' fascia relaxation in reality.

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