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Clinical Application of Massager

In the 1960s, astronauts used whole-body vibration as a tool to counteract the weightlessness of space and prevent muscle atrophy. The basic concept is to achieve the strongest training results through high-frequency muscle contractions in a short period of time. The concept of whole body vibration therapy has been well established in rehab therapy, professional sports and even regular gym workouts. So what are the clinical applications of the mini gun massager?

1. The massage gun relieves soft tissue pain

Vibration massage can increase the blood perfusion of local tissues, increase the heat energy of local tissues, promote blood circulation, guide more anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving substances to remove local pain factors, so as to relieve pain; at the same time, high-speed rhythmic vibration can stimulate local The sensory nerves can achieve the purpose of rapid pain relief through the gate control effect; and the pain treatment ointment/lotion/gel can be applied to the painful area before treatment, so as to effectively introduce the drug into the painful area so as to better treat the pain.

2. The massage gun accelerates lactic acid metabolism

The accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles after exercise, the improvement of blood circulation, the effect of vibration, combined with the centripetal operation technique and some local stretching movements, can effectively promote the absorption of lactic acid and accelerate the recovery after exercise.

3. Massage gun to loosen adhesions and scars

Adhesion is the adhesion and arrangement disorder of muscle fibers or muscle fascia due to sterile inflammatory substances. The large-area treatment head of the muscle massage gun can relax the overall muscle fibers and myofascia, and the small treatment head can treat adhesion points and scars. Deep and targeted stimulation is used to generate mechanical force to loosen adhesions and scars; at the same time, the improvement of local blood circulation can also achieve the effect of softening scars and loosening adhesions.

4. The massage gun can promote circulatory return

Modern people's sedentary and less active lifestyle often causes poor or untimely return of lymph and venous blood, which leads to local metabolic waste or toxic substances that cannot be disposed of in time, and can easily cause many diseases. Use the muscle gun massager to operate along the direction of lymphatic reflux or the direction of muscle fiber shape, and in this process, it can be combined with centripetal manipulation and manual lymphatic massage to efficiently and quickly promote the circulation of veins and lymphatic channels to eliminate health risks. High-speed vibration and stimulation can assist patients with difficulty in expulsion of sputum to expel the sputum accumulated in the lungs.

5. The massage gun is used to eliminate cellulite

The high-speed vibration of the mini gun massager breaks up the fat capsule, and at the same time, the accelerated blood circulation takes away the freed fat, thereby promoting the digestion of local fat and shaping a perfect body shape.

6. Massage gun for whole body skin care

Due to local nutrition and circulation problems, rough skin or cellulite often appear. The mini gun massager can effectively stimulate local circulation and metabolism on the basis of manual operation, thereby improving the skin condition; at the same time, it can also assist in introducing some targeted treatments. Drugs/essential oils/skin care products can effectively improve the absorption rate and increase the absorption amount, achieving twice the result with half the effort.

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