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Body Massager Gun

Beoka massage guns got several series to meet different groups of peoples' needs. We got an impressive range of massage guns. PRO+ series for people with big muscles, professional athletes, workout enthusiasts; Portable series is easy to carry and for people who travels a lot; MINI series can perfectly fit in a purse and carry to use in the office, or a gift for girlfriend.

Differents series suit a different group of people, but all of our wholesale massage guns got the lithium-ion batteries from Tianjin Lishen, which is a designated supplier of Benz & Tesla, a first-tier brand in the battery industry. All of Beoka massage guns got a censored brushless motor, which provides our massage gun with ignorable noise, excellent sound insulation, amazing stability, and super strong power. Book massage guns got 20-30% stronger stall force. And with speed from 2100-3300RPM with 5 levels in total to increase the intensity of your massage and multiple interchangeable massage heads to target every muscle group and various types of people.

Body Muscle Massager For Different Body Parts

How To Use A Massage Gun Safely?

How To Use A Massage Gun Safely?

Massage guns are good in relaxing the body, yet there is still something we have to notice while using them.

First of all, do not hit the weak body parts cause it may cause some damage. Weak body parts include the head, joints, breasts, belly, eyes, etc.

Second, as one of the leading massage gun wholesale suppliers in China, we do not recommend using the massage guns for a long time, 10-20 mins would be ok for one day. Long time using massage guns, especially professional massagers like DMS deep muscle stimulator guns might hurt muscles.

Third, a certain group of people is not suitable for these products. The elder, pregnant women and young children are not recommended to use massage guns.

Massage Gun Techniques

Long-term work at the desk and lowering the head further elongates the abnormal fascia meridian, which inevitably aggravates the fatigue of the muscle fascia. In severe cases, some people would experience neck and shoulder pain. In addition, because the fascia is in a state of abnormal traction for a long time, an inflammatory reaction would also appear, showing symptoms of local chronic pain. Short-term benefits: relieve muscle soreness and deep relaxation of muscles. Long-term benefits: massage can stimulate cell metabolism, make fibroblasts generate new hyaluronic acid, and restore the sliding ability of fascia!

Massage Gun Techniques

What Are The Body Benefits By Using Percussive Massage Gun?

The massage gun stimulates the muscles and the deep soft tissues through vibration, promotes blood circulation, enables blood flow in local tissues, so that nutrients in the blood vessels can be transported quickly, and the excretion of metabolites is accelerated. So relax the muscles effectively.

Body Massager Gun
Relax muscles

Generally, the muscles of the human body will be in a relatively sore condition after exercise, because the muscles are tense and hypoxia, and with lactic acid accumulates. Using the massage gun to push and pull in an orderly direction can help them well. Relax muscles and prevent muscles from becoming too big.

Body Benefits Massage Gun
Improve fasciitis

The massage gun is a soft tissue rehabilitation tool that relaxes the soft tissues of the body through high-frequency impact. For patients with fasciitis, the massage gun is often used to promote the recovery of muscles and surrounding soft tissues or eliminate fatigue, which indirectly improve fasciitis. 

Body Benefits Percussive Massage Gun
Relieve frozen shoulder

Massage gun is a kind of equipment to loosen tissues through vibration. It has a certain auxiliary effect for the treatment of frozen shoulder because the effect of massage gun is equivalent to massage, which can promote local blood circulation and dredge. Meridians, relieve inflammation, can be used in the treatment of frozen shoulder.

However, the use of a massage gun alone cannot completely cure frozen shoulder. It can only provide a certain relief. The treatment of frozen shoulder is mainly treated by drugs and functional exercises.

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