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Beoka participated in the 86th CMEF China International Medical Equipment Fair with a variety of new products

On November 23, the 86th China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) with the theme of "Innovative Technology·Intelligent Future" kicked off in Shenzhen.

As one of the three major medical exhibitions in the world, CMEF had attracted nearly 4,000 medical device manufacturers and operators from 19 countries and regions around the world. CMEF is known as the "highlight" and "weather vane" of the medical device industry. It was founded in 1979 and is held twice a year, spring and autumn.

After more than 40 years of accumulation and precipitation, CMEF covers the entire industrial chain of medical devices, integrating product technology, new product launch, procurement trade, brand communication, scientific research cooperation, academic forums, education and training, and is the largest medical device and related industry in the Asia-Pacific region. It is a product and service exhibition and an internationally leading global comprehensive service platform.

Beoka has participated in CMEF for 16 years. This time, we brought five series of products including electrotherapy, force therapy, heat therapy, oxygen therapy and hydrotherapy,these products including medium frequency electrotherapy device, portable deep muscle massager (fascia gun),portable oxygen generator, air wave pressure therapy device, automatic constant temperature wax therapy machine, portable air pressure massage system, fumigation therapy device, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation device, neuromuscular electrical stimulation device, joint massager, neck massager, Dry spa bed and other products.


Beoka booth P29 in Hall 12 of the main rehabilitation hall


Electrotherapy category: medical intermediate frequency

And intermediate frequency interference electric series


Electrotherapy category: home use intermediate frequency

and handheld intermediate frequency series


Force therapy: MINI and SUPER MINI fascia gun series


Force therapy: portable and professional fascia gun series

Oxygen therapy: palm-sized portable health care oxygen generator, weighing only 1.8kg, oxygen concentration up to 93%, battery life  more than 3 hours, stable oxygen supply at an altitude of 5000 meters.


Force therapy: The portable air pressure massage system inflates and deflates the legs sequentially in waves through multi-chamber inflatable airbags, which can apply pressure evenly and orderly from the distal end to the proximal end, promote blood circulation, and relieve muscle fatigue.


Force therapy: medical air wave pressure therapy instrument


Hyperthermia: automatic constant temperature wax therapy machine,

fumigation treatment instrument series


Electrotherapy category: MINI Neck Massager Series


Heat therapy: MINI joint massager series


Spa category: Fully automatic dry spa bed for relaxation training, which belongs to relaxation therapy, uses movable three-dimensional water column to massage muscles, improve sleep, relieve mental fatigue and other sub-health symptoms.



In December 1st, Beoka successfully listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange. With the help of the capital market, Beoka will continue to adhere to the corporate mission of "rehabilitation technology and care for life" , in order to create an international leading medical service covering individuals, families and Make unremitting efforts, becoming a professional brand of physiotherapy rehabilitation and sports rehabilitation in medical institutions.

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