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As soon as the holiday comes, how many urbanites are ready to go out and play? To have a beautiful trip, the preparation before the trip is very important! In addition to the phone and documents that we always carry with us, as well as toiletries and clothes, do you have shoulder pillows, eye masks, and noise-cancelling earplugs to ensure a comfortable journey? Especially when traveling, small accidents with eating and drinking are inevitable. The emergency items such as medicine and small bottles of disinfectant can come in handy.

Especially on long journeys, there may be times when you are physically exhausted and tired of playing, your calves are sore, and your shoulders and necks are stiff. The next day, you just want to stay in the hotel and homestay and don't want to go anywhere. This is not wasting the beautiful scenery and time? At this time, if you have the decompression magic weapon from Beoka, you can deeply release your physical fatigue by lying down, invigorating your vitality, and keeping your energy level high for the entire 7-day vacation.

Mini fascia gun

When you and your girlfriends get up early to watch the sunrise, roam the mountains and waters, take pictures, and hike in the afternoon, the doubled happiness should not be ruined by muscle soreness after playing. Trust us, C1 mini fascia gun from Beoka, is the energy secret hidden in the girls' pockets!


The C1 mini fascia gun can relax your muscles after a long walk or carrying heavy luggage. Its lightweight body weighing only 260g is even lighter than half a bottle of mineral water. You can easily put it into your makeup bag without taking up more space in your luggage. It has great power for its small size - 8kg of deep penetration force can directly penetrate your fatigued deep muscles. The soft, creamy texture of its appearance has the tenderness of latte and the healing power of spring matcha. Your beautiful journey is waiting for its encounter.

Portable health oxygenerators 

When you want to take your parents and family out for a trip to make up for the regrets in their busy lives, and go to places closest to the sky on the plateau, is it all just a dream? Actually, with PO2-A portable oxygenertors that can produce pure oxygen, who says you cannot achieve more possibilities in your life?


You can say goodbye to countless oxygen cylinders with imported molecular sieves from France that can directly separate oxygen from the air. The pulse-type oxygen supply can provide oxygen concentration ≥90%, and you no longer have to worry about insufficient oxygen! The backup battery is also included, with a battery life of more than 200 minutes. The palm-sized machine can be held with one hand, and lack of oxygen is no longer a limitation for your journey. You can use your feet to conquer one after another mountain peak!

Portable pneumatic massage device system

Maybe your plan is to drive by yourself and travel thousands of miles, north and south, and stop here and there to hike and explore rivers and mountains. However, you cannot avoid the fatigue and soreness caused by boating and long-distance travel. To travel further and have complete control over your journey, you need to have sufficient physical energy. The portable pneumatic massage device system ACM-A1 can give you a new experience of sports recovery!

The 360° non-blind spot pneumatic massage device closely fits your limbs and helps to unblock your blood circulation to dissolve the deep fatigue. You can choose from three massage modes. The MINI ultra-thin host is designed without wires, which means the relaxation process should be completely unrestrained. The journey certainly has no bounds!


Just go ahead, run, laugh, explore the meaning of life, and let Beoka accompany you to release your fatigue and keep your energy level high, so you can conquer mountains and seas whenever you want!

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