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Beoka Builds A Hard Nuclear Powered Fascia Gun

The heart of a fascia gun is a motor, which is related to the thrust, torque, locked-rotor torque, and life of a fascia gun. In human terms, it is: hitting strength, hitting depth, anti-compression stopping strength, and whether it shakes hands during use And the length of life of the fascia gun.

The Beoka Massage Gun selects high-quality materials to customize the long-life and super-strong locked-rotor torque brushless motor, which is more powerful and has better performance in the above points.

Exclusive custom sensory brushless motor fascia gun

The pros and cons of brushless motors with sense (Beiyikang fascia gun): Real-time monitoring feedback motor speed, and speed adjustment, adjust the motor power balance to the best value, the output thrust is strong; the motor life is super long; the price is high, yes 5-10 times of brush motor.

The advantages and disadvantages of non-inductive brushless motors (other fascia guns): The measurement error is large, and the motor speed cannot be fed back in real-time. The resulting magnetic pollution will affect the battery life of the fascia gun, and the output thrust is small; the motor has a long life; the price and availability of Induction brushless motors are cheaper.

The advantages and disadvantages of brushed motors (other fascia guns): short life.

Optimum high-precision housing|Ensure high-speed operation and dynamic balance, and the fascia gun will not shake hands for a long time

There will be a certain assembly gap between the motor bearings of the fascia gun and between different components, resulting in a certain vibration of the fascia gun during high-speed motion. The precision tolerance deviation of the motor shell of the ordinary fascia gun is large, and the motor jitter, noise, and heat will be more serious. The high-precision housing is more excellent in dynamic balance design. The high-precision housing used by Beoka fascia gun has been precisely measured, designed and processed to achieve the ultimate in the roundness, runout, and other indicators of the housing to minimize it. The whole machine vibrates, and the comfort experience far exceeds that of ordinary fascia guns.

High-coercivity magnetic steel | maintain the strong power of the fascia gun motor

Magnet is the core of the motor. Beoka chooses the world's top 50 magnet suppliers to avoid the weakening of the motor's power due to the demagnetization of the magnetic performance caused by the motor's heating at high speeds and to maintain the strong power of the motor at all times.

There are magnets inside the brushless motor, and Beiyikang chooses high-grade neodymium iron boron magnets. Compared with the magnets of general brushless motors, high-grade magnets have higher hardness, higher demagnetization temperature, and Greater magnetism. Beoka's brushless motors use high-grade magnets, which naturally have better power performance than ordinary fascia gun motors and have a longer lifespan.

Precision wire core arrangement|Continuously output powerful and abundant power of fascia gun

The precision wiring of the 3-phase·10-level motor ensures that the wire core is flat and prevents the wire core from being scratched when the motor is running.

The sensory brushless motor of Beoka fascia gun adopts servo precision wiring technology. Compared with other fascia gun motors, the motor of our wholesale massage guns has more winding and greater power in the same space.

Customized intelligent control chip|Ensure stable power output of fascia gun

Beoka applies a customized intelligent control chip to algorithmically compensate the locked-rotor torque of the motor to ensure that the motor always maintains a uniform speed and high speed, and the output power is balanced and strong, and lasting. Users with the best experience!

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