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Basic Knowledge of Spasm Muscle Low Frequency Therapeutic Instrument

The characteristic of the alternate stimulation of spastic muscles and antagonistic muscles is that the wave width and frequency are the same, and the two groups of square waves that appear successively stimulate the spastic muscles and their antagonistic muscles respectively, so that the two contract alternately. The principle is to make the spastic muscles contract strongly first, the neuromuscular muscles are excited, and the spastic muscles themselves are inhibited through reflexes; the antagonistic muscles are stimulated to contract, and the spastic muscles are relaxed through reciprocal inhibition.

QL/H series spasmodic muscle low-frequency therapy automatic massage machine can output two low-frequency pulse currents with the same wave width and frequency, respectively stimulate the patient's spasmodic muscle and antagonistic muscle, make them contract alternately, relax the spasmodic muscle through mutual inhibition, and Improve the muscle strength and limb function of antagonistic muscles.


Ⅰ. Scope of application of spasmodic muscle low frequency therapy massage machine

Spastic muscle low-frequency treatment electric massage machine products are suitable for stimulating spastic muscle and antagonistic muscle, making them contract, treating spastic paralysis, and carrying out electrical stimulation and electric gymnastics.

Ⅱ. Technical parameters of spasm muscle low frequency therapy massage machine

1. Pulse width TA, TB: The greater the value of the pulse width at the same amplitude, the stronger the stimulation.

2. Pulse period T: The time between two stimulations is the pulse period. T can be selected according to the movement rhythm of the limbs. Usually, the more serious the disease or the larger the muscle or muscle group, the longer the T value required.

3. Delay time T1: It is the time when group B pulses appear later than group A pulses. For small muscls, the delay time can be shortened. For larger muscles or muscle groups, it takes a long time to cause contraction, and the delay time is longer, to allow the muscles stimulated by the first set of pulses to fully contract, and then the second set of pulses to re-stimulate.

4. The output pulse width TA, TB of the therapeutic instrument automatic massage machine: 0.1ms~0.5ms is continuously adjustable.

5. The output pulse cycle T of the therapeutic instrument: 1s~2s is continuously adjustable.

6. Delay time T1: 0.1s~1.5s continuously adjustable.

7. Output pulse current peak Ip: 0~99mA continuously adjustable.

8. Timing time of the therapeutic instrument: 5min~30min adjustable.


Ⅲ. Product features of low-frequency therapeutic massage machine for spastic muscles

1. Advanced human-computer interaction system, the interface is displayed on a large 7-inch color LCD screen, and various treatment data are clear at a glance.

2. Chinese menu and electronic instruction manual are attached, which is more convenient to operate.

3. It can display the treatment waveform, treatment dose, treatment prescription, treatment time, etc. of each channel, which is convenient for nursing inspection.

4. Unique intelligent control system, rotate left and right to select parameters, press to confirm treatment parameters, which greatly reduces the work intensity of medical staff.

5. Automatic termination reminder and zero reset function After the treatment is over, the massage machine of the stimulator will prompt the end of the treatment, and the current output will automatically stop.

6. Treatment electrodes of various specifications can be adapted to various parts of the body.

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