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A Smart Jump Rope That Can Read Your Body

Weight loss is a topic that is often discussed in daily life today, and due to the irregular life and rest of modern people, there is a clear upward trend in sub-healthy people, so we urgently need a kind of aerobic exercise that can exercise and is not controlled by weather factors. Among all aerobic exercises, skipping rope is one of the most calorie-consuming aerobic exercises, but the traditional skipping rope is simple and boring, but now with the intelligent skipping rope exercise tracker, skipping rope is no longer a traditional item, but a kind of sports that keep pace with the times.

1. The intelligent era of intelligent skipping rope

Today is a technologically intelligent society, and rope skipping has also opened the era of intelligence. Although there are still many people who do not understand intelligent rope skipping, in the era of intelligent products, it is very common to add intelligent technology elements to rope skipping. The smart skipping exercise tracker can not only simply monitor exercise, but also accurately feedback some exercise data. After connecting to the app, it has precise technology and tracking functions. For those who like skipping rope, this is a weight loss tool, and also make exercise less boring.

Although rope skipping is a national sport, his equipment has not made a major breakthrough with the progress of modern technology. It just stays in the state of counting function, even without electronic function, which is not in line with the current trend of sharing sports happiness. The GRIT system in the smart skipping exercise tracker breaks the tradition and turns the traditional exercise into a joyful exercise, so that the exercise is no longer boring, and it is no longer exclusive to the individual. You can also use the mobile app. Comparing with colleagues and friends, or invite to exercise together, experience and enjoy the joy of sports together.

2. The advantages of smart rope skipping

Compared with the general rope skipping device, the smart rope skipping exercise tracker is a combination of rope skipping exercise device and portable exercise book, which combines traditional exercise with sharing and interaction, and synchronizes data to the matching mobile app through Bluetooth and mobile app linkage, it can not only record the skipping time, but also record the skipping speed, calorie consumption, fat consumption and other body data information, and quantify the details of the exercise through the app, so that obesity can be controlled.

The smart jump rope tracker is not just a smart jump rope, its modular design allows it to support outdoor running as well. When one of the modules is taken, it can support the movement of outdoor running, and when the two modules are combined, it becomes a smart skipping rope. And there are multiple modes such as time mode, free exercise mode, counting challenge mode and timing challenge mode, so that skipping can also play a variety of tricks.

The smart rope skipping exercise tracker is not only a derivative of the intelligent era, but also for everyone to have the heart of sports, get rid of laziness, get rid of sub-health, and jump out of a better future.

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